The meaning of meaning

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For some reason we constantly feel the need to attach meaning to everything that happens in our lives. In our minds every situation, every experience or any simple act has to mean something.

She sent me a message so that means she cares. My husband brought me flowers so that means he loves me. My boss congratulated me so that means I'm good at work.

By "inventing" meaning we can explain -almost- everything that happens around us, thus we can more easily "control" our lives.

However things are not that simple. There is not only one way to interpret an event. One hundred people can draw one hundred different meanings from the same situation. That's why there is so much arguing between us about everything. That is even why eyewitnesses are not always reliable.

In addition, people can become really passionate about defending their opinion cause their meaning matters. Their meaning is basically who they are. It is based on their experiences, knowledge, emotional and psychological state, intelligence, etc.

It seems that meaning is so vital for us, to the point that I believe that the meaning of life is creating meaning...

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Unless we can create meaning, suffering is intolerable.


That is so very true! Creating meaning helps us go through life and grow through it...

It seems that meaning is so vital for us, to the point that I believe that the meaning of life is creating meaning...

I heard something similar yesterday, the last Matrix movie had a similar sentence. Humans try to put meaning in everything trying to explain and encourage their very existence...


Oh really? And it's true isn't it? That's what we all love doing..

All what you said is food for thought. Your last sentence is definitely worth exploring more. I just want to add one thing. What about people who want to find the hidden meaning in everything?


My opinion is that all meanings are "hidden".. There is nothing too obvious, there is not only one meaning, what there is is our own interpretation of things...

nice thought... it's actually very true...we find meaning for each and everything that happens in our life. will love to read such things more.

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