Migrane Update

10개월 전


Total Duration: 8 days
Intensity: 7.5/10

My headaches are all but gone, though I still feel a slight, non painful throbbing at one side of my head sometimes.

I've had some pretty challenging health issues in the past, but as far as pain goes - this comes first by a landmile.

Migraines are nasty, no other word for them. The worst part is people who have never experienced them before would never get why I was virtually stuck in bed for two weeks...especially my employer.

Am just glad this is all behind me. Don't know much about the chances of a reoccurence though, and I dread the thought of that happening.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a speedy recovery.

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Much better Eddie, thanks. I think mine is hypoglycemia induced... Due to my new found love for running


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Keep on running!

Well, at least you are on the mend and will hopefully not have a recurrence anytime soon at least :)


A big AMEN to that

I feel your pain :0( I have been battling knock-down migraines for over a decade now. At least 3 days a month I am confined to a dark quiet room where I suffer in pain with no hopes relief, it is truly agonizing. And like you said, the worst part is people who never experience this will never understand the gravity of the situation. I have been through war, addiction and severe anxiety and depression and I would say migraines still take the cake... That shit is no joke! The only thing that helps me even a little is Marijuana, and that is because it takes the edge off of the pain and helps me to sleep through some of it. Im glad to hear your are feeling better, I hope you never have to experience another one. Take care friend :0)


Thank you dear

It is great to hear that you are feeling better!! I wish you well!!

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Your support certainly helped, I'm grateful

Migraines are hell, never had one last more than 8-10 hours. Can't imagine.

I was told by a neurologist that there is a treatment option, they inject a small amount of botox and apparently it ends the migraine near instantly. Worth looking into if your migraines get that bad.


Hope it doesn't come back...but might be crazy enough to explore that option if it does

I am glad that the suffering seems to be behind you, and hope it stays there for good.

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