The Myth of Safety



So someone called me rich today
And all I could do was laugh
I even heard her say
'she's living a privileged life'

It's funny how perception differs
So far off from reality
To her I look like royalty
When am barely beating poverty

I'm one major illness away from debt
Got no house or car I own
Always looking forward every month
To when my measly payday comes

I sometimes wonder
If I'll end up with nothing
For all my years of hard work
Only to retire to begging

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I feel like you're talking about me...

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I hope not. The last line literally keeps me up at night sometimes

Years ago, my parents did a tour to the Mexican pyramids.

When they arrived, their tour guide was wearing one shoe, and his other foot was bare.

My father, being concerned, asked him what happened to his other shoe.

The tour guide happily answered that he hadn't lost a shoe, he had found one!!!

There are rich people struggling with depression, and people with one shoe who are happy and grateful for what they have.

We will all struggle, and experience hardship and adversity, regardless of material wealth. It is within all of us to find happiness and meaning in our lives regardless of our situation.


Agreed. Am quite content with where I am at the moment, but certainly wouldn't go as far as calling it privileged.

It is also important to remind ourselves that there are things a lot more important than money I guess


@snubbermike Hey Mike, would powering down now be a loss or gain for you in terms of prices. Prices are making me wonder if you should actually power down so much


I'm s powering down, but wont sell at these prices..

That way I can quickly sell if/when prices recover

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Makes more sense when you put it that way. Thought you needed some quick cash desperately


I might not sell. But just the fact that I might need it soon has me powering down.. 13 weeks is a long time to wait.

I have other savings, and have already interviewed for another position. But if it takes awhile to find work, I will be happy I did it..

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@snubbermike Hey Mike, how are you holding up?



I'm doing alright. My life was completely upended with my lay-off (the company closed its doors 10 days later).

I was living between Andrews, TX and Williston, ND. Both places were owned by the company, and I hadn't had my own place for a couple years. Fortunately, i had just rented a place with my brother back in Canada - where I was planning on staying for my time off. (I worked a 28 on 14 off schedule). I sold my house in Canada after divorce a couple years back, and had been a gypsy ever since.

I very hurriedly collected as much of my things as I could carry - and moved back to Calgary.

I am now back in Canada full-time and living with my brother, but I still have lots in storage in North Dakota.

I was also unable to bring my Jeep across the border, as it is financed, and you can not export a vehicle from the US without a clean title. I didn't have enough cash on hand to pay off the loan, so I am also making payments on a vehicle I had to leave behind.

I am still out of work, I guess its been a couple months now, but I have really enjoyed it. I have been able to spend a lot of time with my girlfriend and also my 14 year old daughter. It has been very good for me. Other than the Jeep payment and my alimony and child support, I can personally live quite cheaply and happily, so I have been drawing it out a bit.

All that being said, I am getting to the point where I will have to go find work. I have one opportunity that appears promising - heading up a project in Columbia - but as international projects often go, there has been quite a bit of delay and uncertainty surrounding it. The company is contacting me weekly with updates, so I am confident I will be part of the project when it happens, but I am not able to wait too much longer.

I still haven't had to sell any Steem, and now have over half of it powered down. That will be my last resort.

Thank you for checking on me - it is very kind 😊

How are you?

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Wow... I should check up more often... A lot had really happened since the last time I did.

I've been worse... But am getting there. Things are way better than they were a couple of months ago


Hey Mike, at least show up here once in a while let's know you're doing okay. What other social media handles do you have? If you're on discord you could drop your username and I'll chat you up @snubbermike