🔲 Shout-Out Saturday: @steemsoccer! Let's support his efforts!!

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Alright so it's Saturday.. Again! LOL. You know what happens on Saturdays? I like to spread support to those who deserve it.
I appreciate people who put in the work. This is exactly why today's candidate for my Shout-out Saturday is @steemsoccer.
This guy approached me a little over a month ago. I took a look at his content, but I didn't know what to think. Of course, I thought his content was awesome, but in all honesty, I thought he was plagiarizing.

I thought he was getting his thumbnail picture designs from some big blog on the internet relating to soccer. So I kind of just dusted it off my shoulder and moved on.

Then we started talking a little more. He started telling me about the time he spends designing all the images for his posts. He was looking for advice to start getting more attention here on Steemit.
If you haven't already, you need to go check out @steemsoccer's blog.

I have absolutely no doubt that if he keeps up with his current quality, that he will be one of the best sports blogs on this entire platform. I mean that. This guy is also so humble. Always happy to put in the work, do everything himself, and has lived day by day, many times not even making a single cent on his posts.
Every single image on his blog is made and designed by him in Photoshop. He is very skilled with that, and I am glad he has found a platform such as this to utilize that skill with (clearly) a passion of his.
I want you all to go and view @steemsoccer. He is doing much better than a few weeks ago, but at his level of efforts, he deserves $50-$100 per post.
I salute you my man. Stay on the grind, and keep up your hustle. Your time will come, and it will come in strong.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 2.30.19 PM.png
If you think someone you know deserves a shout-out, you are always welcome to let me know! Yes, you may nominate yourself, only if you really think your content deserves more exposure. Your results need to speak for themselves :) I choose a new person every week for the Shout-Out Saturday post! So stay tuned, it might be you!

More than how much my posts can make, I care far more about getting my content in front of newer faces. So if you would like to show your appreciation, you can share this with others!
I want this blog to be a happy, motivated place where you guys are free to engage and say whatever is on your mind. A place where if you have something on your mind, no matter how dramatic it may be, you can feel free to speak. Resteems are appreciated!
I reward good resteems and comments! I would love to know what's on your mind. Be bold and talk to me in my comments section! I would to know your opinion and what it is you'd like to achieve. I am trying my best to make 2 high quality blog posts per day. So stay tuned!

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@enazwahsdarb Thank you dude for the "crazy" promotion!
I'm glad that I met such a friend like you in steemit!


Only my pleasure my man :) You deserve more! Keep up your hustle.

Talk soon.


Haha yes Saturday.. What's so amazing about that? :D

Very good! You always post such nice things Upvoted


Thanks you for those awesome words bro!

Talk soon.


Sneaky Ninja attack!
You have been defended!


To help keep my Jōki (蒸気) power strong, I rely on the support of my fellow #thealliance brethren.

When able, please upvote my attacks so that I may stay mighty and continue to defend and protect our beloved team!



Wooooooosh! Chucking those Steemit Blades in the air like you jut don't care :D



good one.


Cool! However I do not have knowledge about soccer and its rules :P


Okay awesome.. Neither do I. That's not what the post was about though hahaha!


Hahaha yeah, would to love visit and support his efforts but soccer is just not my thing hehehe!


Shame, at least to support his Photoshop skills. I am not a soccer supporter at all, but I support hard work!

Talk soon.


Uhm.. Okay thank you I guess.. LOL.

Good exposure. I love that


Thank you my man. Appreciated :)

Talk soon.


Uhm.. Yeah! I suppose you can say that :P

Talk soon.

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