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Let's get real for a moment. Low self esteem has been a prominent issue in my life. Specifically, my appearance. However, a sudden encounter with an individual has gradually been changing my life for the better. But I know that not everyone has gone through a revelation yet or has someone to help them see how beautiful they truly are. Hence why I am going to be here for you.

The point about societal standards of beauty (from ANY culture) is that it does not exist. It is unachievable. A myth. Even if you think you know the ingredients, trust me, you don't. Beauty is subjective. Even if you wear makeup or undergo cosmetic procedures, you cannot please EVERYONE because we are creatures with different characteristics and experiences. You would think plastic surgeons would know what society truly favors but go to any 3 different doctors and they'll each differ from their opinions of what needs to be fixed on your already perfect countenance.

The truth about society beauty standards is that it kills the real beauty of...well, just about everything and it can make one bitter towards themselves and others. Besides not being able to please everyone I also realize that if I was born "beautiful" then I would not be who I am today. I wouldn't be me inside. And yes, I hate and criticize myself the most but...I don't think I want to be any different from me. And going through this phase in my life has made me keep being strong on one of my principles: treat people the same way no matter what they look like.

The things I wanted to change on my face are what I see everyone changing themselves into and...I realize that people are becoming clones of one another. Whatever happened to "same is so boring"? It's like a trend these days. I hate how trends have expanded tbh. I preferred when trends were focused mainly on fashion but now it is geared towards every aspect of our lives. Its just psychologically damaging. Whats "in" right now, wont be "in" next year. So why go after this hopeless ideology of beauty?

I celebrate when I see unconventional faces; ones that are yet not bound by society. It truly makes me happy. However, I know that behind these unique faces are constant inner struggles of wanting to become clones themselves. Don't try to be the same and lose your whole self in the process. Live above society, it's the only way to break through the hell they impose on you every day.

I still struggle. I do. But I feel free in having this knowledge in my head and am able to get out before it consumes me. And the kind individual helps me every time I decide to beat myself up. I don't know if I was any help to you but recent messages from you guys have gotten to me on a personal level. Like I said before, I am an empath - so I feel more of your pain than you can imagine. And I truly hope that one day you find how beautiful you actually are and keep the ongoing belief that beauty DOES exist within you. It is there. Don't let people, who let themselves be brainwashed, tell u otherwise.

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It's very well written. Yes, I know how it feels