Una experiencia maravillosa con una PTC

3년 전

Hi friends, an excellent ptc was called Grandbux where you were not forced to see so many ads to simply win you could get at least $ 200.00 a month just for references, and see 4 ads in a user-defined schedule was a non-sustainable business model, because the site had to have huge advertising income to pay its users, then I entered paypal breaking the ptc by removing its payment system for the ptc sites, then they wanted to continue but lost clients because they offered payment methods via Payza, Payeer and Bitcoin, and this was good for the new ones that were going to invest and for those who had invested they had to wait for months or to deposit by another payment processor and in spite of this company have a payment system based on the roi, with this rate it was difficult for the business to go bankrupt but it is still valid but it is not a ptc anymore, in fact I do not know how it works, it is not more profitable than before but it allowed me to win without having I got a lot and arrived there based on analysis of the investment factors that is good.



Hola amigos una excelente ptc fue llamada Grandbux donde no se te obligaba a ver tantos anuncios para simplemente ganar podia obtener almenos $ 200.00 al mes solo de referencias, y ver 4 anuncios en un horario definido por el usuario era un modelo de negocio no sostenible, porque el sitio debia de tener ingresos enormes de publicidad para pagar a sus usuarios, luego entro paypal rompiendo las ptc al quitar su sistema de pagos para los sitios ptc, luego ellos quisieron seguir pero perdieron clientes debido a que ofrecieron formas de pago via Payza, Payeer y Bitcoin, y este era bueno para los nuevos que ivan a invertir y para los que habian invertido debian esperar meses o bien depositar por otro procesador de pagos y apesar de esta empresa tener un sistema de pago basado en el roi, con esta tasa de retorno era dificil que el negocio quebrara aun sigue vigente pero ya no es un ptc, de hecho ni se como funciona seguro ya no es mas rentable que antes pero si me permitia ganar sin haber invertido mucho y llegue ahi en base a analisis de los factores de inversion eso es bueno.

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hola bro buen post

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