Looking for happiness

2년 전

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Everyone wants to feel happy. It's just that not everyone knows how to achieve happiness. There are those who think that happy can be felt when someone has a lot of wealth. With abundant wealth, power will be easy to obtain, all physical and spiritual needs can be fulfilled. Happiness can be bought, so roughly. This kind of thinking can come when we see the material needs of others fulfilled, but we never know, whether he is ?, or just look happy ?. No need to go far to prove it, just look around us, or read the news in various mass media. If the treasures are used to achieve happiness, then the consequences can be seen, corruption everywhere, theft, robbery, and fraud will always adorn the media page.

There are others who think that happiness is just a mirage, a delusion, and a human illusion. He thought, what humans need in life is pleasure. "Live only once, while still young, use the opportunity to have fun", so roughly his expression. Because, the reality of their way of life never proves everlasting happiness. All paced and temporary. Such thoughts will then give birth to humans who pursue the satisfaction of lust. When the passions are fulfilled, they feel satisfied and as if they have gained happiness, though only for a moment. The result can be seen, adultery, drug use, drunkenness, and other moral perversions rampant everywhere.

This is where the light of Islam is needed to enlighten human life in order to truly live a peaceful, peaceful, and full of happiness. One way to feel the ultimate happiness is to get Ridha Allah. If Allah's pleasure has been found, then life will be peaceful and peaceful, even without rank and treasure. There are many ways to achieve Allah's approval. One way is to make ourselves happy with all the provisions of God. It's not easy and it's easy to turn the palm of the hand, because it takes effort and sacrifice.

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