Quotes of the day

4년 전

If life prepares the best lunch for you,
Never mock those that haven't eaten their breakfasts,
For you don't know if your dinner is sure...

Never break the smile of your brother,
Nor burn the laughter of your sister,
But be the stars that sparkle in their skies.

When darkness topples the street,
And the night weaves bitterness in the mouth of the kids,
Comfort their faces with the loave of your moon.

When you see the tattered fragments beside the roadside,
And the weary souls lying behind their feeble huts,
Tear your heart into two,and give them one.

You may get to the sky
Never hide the face of the
sun,nor cease the rain from falling,
But quench the thirst of the land in abundance.

When life tackles your night with darkness,
And the moon lost her sight in the sky,
Never seek for a light in the dark, for your sun shall rise in the morning.unnamed.jpg

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