A Single Mother's Plight

2년 전

My heart goes out to all the single mom's who rigorously strive to cater for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of their families.

Here's a piece dedicated to you single mom's

You have become so tough that not even ravenous wolf can tear you down.


You no longer enjoy the loving company of your partner, the heart to heart talks, the teasing, the love, the support, they're all gone

You have become the very food winner (bread isn't enough) for the family...this responsibility, you hold so dear.

You do not resort to the lazy lifestyle, but you work even to the limit just to ensure your family needs are met..

Oh, how fast you're ageing... The stress of this life is eating you up..

You have become the very man of the house, your duties cannot be measured.

May you never loose hope while you beg your creator for more strength to cope with life.

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And may your offsprings cherish you for the deeds you do..

Single mothers are the most needy humans, please always endeavor to extend love to these ones


I remain @essiential
(Portrait Credit; @soufiani)

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