Hey world, meet my new crush, Tayel!

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Hi everyone,

I can't believe it's been that long since my last post...but I've been a little busy creating a tiny new human =). He's finally out in the world, and I'm prouder than words could ever express.

You may remember me saying that I don't really like kids (and still don't!), but when it comes to your own, things are different. I guess every parent thinks their kid is somehow special, the prettiest, smartest, cutest...I guess we see our babies through b̶e̶e̶r̶ love goggles...So I don't know if I'm way off when I say that my baby is the most handsome baby I have ever seen, but I certainly think he is.

The last month of pregnancy was hell, I won't lie to you. I was in constant pain and could barely walk at the end. I was a mess, so I was actually looking forward to the labor part just to get it over with. Funnily I wasn't scared of the pain. I always thought that what you see in the movies (women screaming their lungs out) was a huge exaggeration. I couldn't picture myself like this. I think of myself as having a rather high pain tolerance, and imagined myself suffering in silence until I got the epidural.

The day of..

But let's rewind for a second. My son was born a few days early, and little did I know on the morning of June 4th that I was going to give birth. I had felt some minor pain during the night, but didn't think much of it. I thought this was normal, as the body was getting ready for labor.

The contractions

I have never had kids before, so I didn't know what to expect at all and had no clue what a real contraction actually feels like. When I woke up, I had breakfast as usual, and didn't really pay attention to these cramps that were coming and going during breakfast. My mom and I had planned to go to Boquete, a small mountain town near where I am staying to have coffee and lunch with a friend, so we drove there later on with @el-cr. The cramps kept coming and got more frequent, but I thought these were just more "fake" contractions.

Everyone told me, when it's the real ones, you'll know, so I just went on with my day. Coffee with a friend, and then eventually lunch. My mom and her friend grew increasingly worried as I was grimacing every 5 minutes through my 30 second contractions. They were indeed getting a little more intense and unpleasant, but not to the point of not being able to take it. So I just ate my sandwich....

My mom was a little more nervous than I was and finally told us, guys, we need to go now! I think she needs a hospital.

I told her to relax and that it was nothing....but she insisted on driving me to the emergency room back in David right away. I thought, OMG they will send me back home because my mom is overreacting a little, but since she's a retired nurse, I let her make the decision for me. Once in the examination room, the doctor confirmed 3 cm dilated, meaning that I was indeed in active labor! If I hadn't listened to my mom, my son would probably have been born somewhere midway in the car LOL.


I thought to myself cool, this doesn't even hurt so bad, I'm such a badass LOL

An hour later, everyone was there: my gynecologist, the anesthesiologist and the pediatrician. For those who don't know, the cervix has to be dilated to 10cm, and they count around 1 cm per hour. According to their calculation, I was due around 10.00pm, but my dear son seemed to be in a hurry and came already 2 hours later. at exactly 6.22pm.

But let's get back to the pain.

There is nothing I have ever experienced in my life that is as painful as giving birth. If you've ever been to the doctor and they have asked you to determine the level of pain on a scale of 1 to 10, this definitely qualifies as 10, if not 15...

I screamed. I begged. I cursed. I cried. I wanted that epidural FAST, and I didn't know why it was taking so long. I was supposed to receive it at 5 cm dilation, and I had reached that already a while ago.

The worst part about painful contractions is, you know they will come back a few minutes later and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Every time another one came, I hoped it would be the last before receiving the damn shot in my back, but Panama being Panama, the birthing room I was in was not equipped the way it should have been, hence the delay in giving me the shot. They didn't have the equipment ready and had to go look for it. I'm so glad they didn't tell me this in the moment, because I would have lost it....


When they were finally ready, I was told to sit up so that they could inject me, but as soon as I did, I already felt baby's head coming down and the urge to push (and take a shit!). Giving birth to a child really feels like you're going number 2, and pushing as if you were going to the bathroom is sort if a natural reflex.

I thought to myself oh no, you will stay inside until that shot does its effect, and so I tried to hold him in for a bit longer. I was afraid that if I told my doc, she would have said to do it without anesthesia and I wasn't ready to do that...but nature did its thing regardless of my wishes, and the urge to push was stronger than anything else. A few pushes later, there he was, screaming his lungs out.

I was so relieved. I felt good for the first time in months, I felt light, all the pains were gone instantly (even if my doc was still stitching me back together down there), and I was so happy that my contraction nightmare was over. Respect to all the moms out there who have been through this. Mothers are warriors. Especially if they decide to do it all over again (not me though, one is enough!).

Meeting Tayel

It all went so fast, all in all only 5 hours of (hard) labor, not counting the time I spent casually having lunch in between contractions. Once he was out, they didn't give him to me right away. They took him to wash him, measure him, make sure he's healthy and then they handed him over to @el-cr before I could even see him. I was a bit disappointed because I had read all these things about the importance of skin to skin contact during the first hour, but none of that happened at my hospital. I was escorted back to my room and had to wait for them to bring me Tayel, so that I could hold him for the first time. The picture you see here was taken in the delivery room, right after they handed him to my husband.

What they say is true. Once you see that little "thing" that came out of you, it's love at first sight. I was so scared that I wouldn't bond with my baby, that I wouldn't have a mother instinct, but turns out I do have it in me after all. I couldn't believe how cute his little face is, his tiny fingers and feet, such perfection. A miniature human, with everything, so small he fits in 2 hands. But most of all, so fragile and dependant on us! My first reaction was to hug the little guy and just stare at him for hours. He makes all these little faces that are hilarious, and I've had quite a few giggle attacks on his behalf (making fun of him already, I know...).

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-09 at 9.19.11 AM.jpeg

Now I'm just getting the hang of things. We're both still afraid to "break" him because he seems so fragile, but we're learning how to hold him properly, how to give a bottle without making him choke on it, how to burp a baby, how to change a diaper etc. After a few scary night shifts, we're slowly getting the hang of it. I don't know if I'll ever get used to the lack of sleep (he has to wake up strictly every 3 hours to eat because he was born a little underweight), but I'm trying to make up for it with naps during the day.

That's it for now, my brain is a fog...I will try to keep you guys updated on this whole motherhood thing, and also about how I'm going to slowly start my fitness routine again. If I get time to shower and make myself look like a human, I might even try a video...stay tuned =)

eve signature.png![WhatsApp Image 2019-06-04 at 10.19.44 PM.jpeg]

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He’s a cutie for sure! Glad to hear everything went smoothly and healthily.


thank you =)

Every mom is a hero. Period. Hugs to you and @el-cr and Tayel!


thanks girl!!! =)

So cool to see the wee man Tayel!

Btw Eve, you are hard as nails 🤣...... Just chilling and having lunch and a coffee mid contractions! That's some Kick ass mummery!

Congrats to you both proud mum @evecab (Evelyn) and proud dad @el-cr (Carlos)

I couldn't be happier for you both 👍🙂

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yeah I wasn't such a badass later on ahahahah trust me! thanks for the congrats Rowan! =)

You are right!!!
He is gorgeous :) and I love his name too
Good thing your Mum made you go to the hospital ...
This is such a good story :D


thank you =) Yes, it was good I listened to her....I feel bad for telling her to relax LOL

Yes!! @matkodurko was just asking me this week if u had heard from you and how you are doing!

Super congrats! Blockchainbaby!

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yes I wanted to send pictures, but everytime I have some time, I try to sleep LOL. I finally git to post this, after 3 days of attempting to write it LOL


No worries. Glad to know you are doing well. Go be a mommy. The blockchain knows and we will be here when you feel like a break to post.

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I was just wondering a few days ago whether your due date was close. Congratulations to both you and @el-cr, I believe you are going to be amazing parents! ❤️ Please keep us updated with cute baby pics.


Thanks Eve! It's so funny I had a weird dream about you having a flat in Paris, and me popping in on a house party at your place the other day LOL....in my dream you handed me a bottle of red wine and told me to drink it ll in one go, and I said no, we have tosavor it LOL. Such a strange dream ahahah

Omg omg omg :))) so on 4th already??? Woow that's crazy :D welcome Tayel :))

And to the pain...I didn't even know women take anesthesia for it :D too bad yours wasn't active in that moment...the description of the process by you and my childhood friend. I've met last week just ensured me I'd be childless forever if I was a woman :D

Ohh I'm soo happy for u guys, u look amazing :) oh and now you know mums are always right hahaha :D

Oh and I looove the fact your talking about workouts immediately :D


Thank you Martin!!!!! Glad to finally share! yes that anesthesia is awesome, but you still suffer half way through. But it's better than nothing =). ahahah good to know mums are always right lol I'll remember that!

yess, already starting workouts (verrrry slowly of course!)

Awwww. Congrats. He does look very handsome. You're such a warrior. I couldn't go through that kind of think in a thousand years. Shoutout to our mothers.



Thank you =) ahahah trust me if I knew what it feels like, I would have chickened out LOL

Awwww! I took a social media break last week so I missed this post. But lol, you're hilarious. I love that you just went about your day going to lunch and wot-not. One of my sister's employees was like that. With her first child she went to work in the morning and then had the baby in the afternoon. Maybe ignorance is bliss for first time mothers? Glad it all worked out in the end but I'm sorry you didn't get to hold him in the first hour. That does kinda suck. You should be allowed to hold the baby straight away. I don't know if this is a Panama thing or a hospital thing.

I still have to get this present to you as well. I'm on it. I'm just slow.


ahhh no worries, social media breaks are great! I totally believe ignorance is bliss ahaha I' glad I didn't stress out =) And now I'm making up for cuddle time =)

Ohhhh and it's so nice of you to think of a present for him!!!!

Congratulations you two three. All of the work is now completely worth it. If I ever meet him, I promise I won't spill baby formula on him like I spilled beer on the proud new Dad.


hahahaa no worries Matt, he's doing the pilling (and puking) now lol! Hope you are well!!!


Huge congratulations to you all! :D

My little boy is nearly 9 months now, it still feels like last week that we went into hospital!

Best wishes and sending you all cool vibes!


oh wow!!! was it your first as well? Did you also freak out in the beginning? I bet time flies....

Yessss! Finally! :))) CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!! Tayel is such a cutie :) Bocas just got a new heartthrob haha :)) All the best to all 3 of you guys. And huge respect to you Eve for everything you had to endure. You are a hero indeed :)


Thank you Peter!!!!! he's so funny, the faces he makes would make awesome emojis...LOL. He will be a heartbreaker for sure!!!!


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thank you =)

Wow giving birth in Panama sounds very different than giving birth in Germany, that's for sure! But I'm so happy for you and I want to say congratulations! Glückwunsch! Und der Name ist cool (:


vielen Dank @tanbay =) ja ist bestimmt ganz anders in Deutschland, aber gut...ich hab es gott sei dank überstanden =) Gruss!!!!

Congratulations, Eve <3 That is so awesome! I was actually wondering what had happened, but figured you know, more pressing things than Steem rn.
You're right, he's so beyond adorable!! <3


haahah yes I was thinking my reputation would be back at 25 and people would have forgotten who I am LOL. I'm glad they haven't ahahaha

congrats on the birth of your little boy, my daughter was born on the 4th June as well, she is 10 now. Enjoy this time together and just go with it, it can take time for you to find your flow but it will happen. Sleep when you can xx


Thanks for the congrats and the advice!!! Sleep is definitely a challenge, but now at least we have our night shifts down, so that we can each get some sleep during the night =). It's a learning process!


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Adorable, congrats on your new blossom. Sending good energy to mommy and daddy. Much love💖
Manually curated by @vibesforlife.


thank you =)

So...where are more baby pics?!? All 12 of us that are active on Steemit are actively awaiting!!!!!!


LOL you want some baby pics Chris? I will spam your whatsapp...that's it you're done ahahah you're gonna wish you never said that LOL

Congratulations Evie. He's s tiny and so beautiful ❤️❤️

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thanks girl!!!!! =)

Congrats Eve!!! It was painful just reading that so I can sort of imagine the pain you went through during labour, well done. And it must have been really harsh on you to have baby Tayel whished away immediately after giving birth before you even get to see him.

Enjoy motherhood and look forward to to see more pics!


hey girl, thank you! Yes it was weird that they gave him to e last, but I figured it had to do with all the stuff they check to see if he's healthy. I am definitely enjoying him now!

Go Eve!! I always knew childbirth was no joke, but being in the room while my sister labored with my niece gave me a whole new appreciation for the process. You are seriously a rock star! I have nothing but respect for all the mamas out there. He is such a cutie! Glad you are all settling in one day at a time. Take it all in and don't worry about us here, we'll just be (im)patiently waiting for the next pics. ;)


ohhh yes if you were in the room you probably heard a lot of screaming too!!! My hubby was traumatized, he thought I was being butchered lol. Will definitely keep you guys updated with pics!!!


Haha, there were definitely some f-bombs and other profanities, especially before it got real and there were no nurses in the room yet. At one point I took my bro-in-law to grab a bite to eat because I could tell my sister was about to bite his head off. All worked out in the end though when those beautiful little ones make it into the world!

Congrats my dear on the baby. He is cute though and u deserve to say he is the cutest you have ever seen.


thank you =)


thanks hun =)

Really he is very handsome.....
Nice selfie

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thanks!!!!! =)

Cute baby❤❤❤

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thank you =)

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Congratulation! He is really a cute little handsome guy!


thank you =)