Chicken eggs for hair.

3년 전

Yes, you read it right. It turns out that the eggs can not only eat, but also treat hair at home. Chicken egg contains many useful substances: thiamine, retinol, carotene, riboflavin and many others. If your hair has lost its shine, damaged, tends to break and fall out, then do not rush to run into the expensive salon. You can help your hair at home. Today I will share with you one recipe, which I personally use. If your hair is medium long, then there will be enough two eggs. Eggs are broken into a glass and beat well with a fork. When the egg paste becomes homogeneous, rub it well into the scalp. Then we spread every strand evenly. Hair should be clean otherwise the mask will not work. After you have applied the mask to all the hair, put a bag on your head and warm your head with a towel. Keep the mask on your hair for about an hour. After an hour you can wash off the mask with shampoo. If desired, you can use any hair balm.



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