Break In the Heat



Early this morning I woke to a sound of thunder belting through the clouds, followed by whiplash cracks of lighting, then heavy rain. I got up just enough to go save a book I had left in the balcony yesterday, and to open the blinds so I could stare at the storm until I would fall asleep again. And sleep I did for a good three hours more.

It still rained when I woke, and the winds had only died down a little. While the rain is welcome to cool down the air a bit and wash off dirt, I didn't want it to last long. Luckily the sun started shining again after mid day, though there are clouds rolling past it and the wind is heavy. I'm enjoying the day with a book and holding onto it tight, lest the pages are picked up by the gusts of wind.


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There is something fascinating to me about grey skies....
hope you are doing just lovely darling friend <3


I hate dull grey skies, but I love the look of turbulent clouds! I'm doing good, hope you are too!


I love it all!!! Haha
I’m doing well too, thank you for asking pretty friend!