On 15/8/2015 I gave $25 dollar worth of BTC to my niece as an extra birthday present.

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Of course, I didn't give it to her. She was 3 at the time. But I gave it to her dad, my lovely brother, for safekeeping. And I told him:

Keep this until she is 18 years old.

I gave her a toy as her real present, kids don't care much about BTC and nor should they :)

Here we are in July, 2015

I gave him the BTC in an envelope. On a paper wallet to make it more 'real'.

The BTC on that wallet I gave her has now gone 10X in two years. And is worth $250,- with no sign of stopping.

Just imagine what another 13 years can do.

She will either have nothing or she will be able to buy a house with that. That's how I see it :)

So when my brother, this morning, posted this picture on open channels I nearly got a heart attack.

If you are new to crypto you probably wondering what the big deal is. If your old skool you understand what I felt.

I rushed downstairs. Scanned the QR codes and transferred her funds to a new address. That process took me 10 seconds.

Anyone could have done that.

But it's all good now. Tomorrow when I go visit him I'll explain it again to him.

I want her to have the possibility of a dream.

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Steem is love , steem is life


Now that's a brilliant idea!

Nice, I gave btc to a friend a year ago when I didn't have a birthday gift on hand.

What is that, 5x gains or more now?

I'll be giving him an altcoin at his party next weekend.


Your friend must have been happy with you! That's a great gift. Man...you got me curious. Wich altcoin are you going to give? whispers Steem....

  ·  4년 전

Wow, talk about a gift that keeps on giving! I wouldn't be surprised if by the time she reaches 18, that's a down payment on a small flat!! Or more!!

Just goes to show you were always the forward thinker. Very intelligent guy!

But man, what a close call with the QR code! Hopefully that won't ever happen again, lol!

Beautiful story, man. Bless... :)


Thanks, bro! Down payment on a flat would be already awesome! I'm just glad I caught it in time and it wasn;t the year 2024 :)

  ·  4년 전

Haha... Love the way you rushed to scan the QR codes, smart move indeed!! And may I say that you have a superman speed, lol.

What a thoughtful gift for the little girl, she is a lucky girl and I am sure she would be very grateful that she got such an incredible present!!


Haha, thanks, Rea! I'm hoping that when she's 18 she will be very happy with it!

She's rich and don't even know it! haha

Killer gift! Enjoy a nice and juicy 100% upvote for the kind deed!


Thanks, man! I think it's already more money than she ever had! (if she knew, it would be many trips to the icecream shop I'm sure lol).

You were smart to give her that present!


Thanks, Eric! I hope it pays off.

What a great idea of a gift man! Apparently not everyone knows how to deal with these codes and their essential safety measures which comes with it.


I guess it's not that easy if you don;t know the space. It's a good gift. Maybe something for your daughter :)


Most certainly! You just have to teach me how to do that in a paper wallet or something?

Yikes! First, what an awesome uncle you are! Second, it's clear that your brother didn't fully understand how the QR codes and BTC work. Does he know that it went up? Have you tried comparing it to bonds or stocks, with the QR code being the Stock ID#? He may understand that easier, as crypto currencies can be a little confusing.


I'm sure he didn't realize the danger. I'll explain to him tomorrow. And make sure he doesn;t do this again!

That's an amazing gift. You've planted the seed of a tree that can grow to help make her dreams come true. There's no better gift than that!


I really hope she will have a lot of benefit from that small gift :)

Great idea! Your giving her the gift of a future. My grandfather always bought us bonds growing up. I've always given the kids an American Eagle Silver dollar every year. My how the times have changed.


I like the American Eagle coin idea! But I guess crypto is the new king (for now).


I agree. Silver for the future when the fiat implodes. The returns on crypto are like the dot.com era returns. Let hope they have long legs. :)

I have also gifted my niece and nephew some bitcoin. They are a bit older than yours so every month I send them a snapshot of the current value of their accounts. I will also give them full access to their accounts when they turn 18 to do whatever they want with it. I think giving bitcoin to kids is a really cool thing to do.


I think they will be very happy with you when they turn 18. Just make sure you give them good instruction not to share their keys with the world :)

Securing crypto wallets is still a difficult task for non cryto users... we must make them aware how they can protect their accounts in the form of hardware wallets or paper wallets....


I really like the way Steem handles things. Very secure yet easy. I'm hoping it will be easier like that in the future.

You are amazing person @exyle :)

Amazing sir....

Great post..crypocurrencies (top ones) are certainly great birthday gift as its value will always appreciate...good one, thanks for sharing


I agree! excellent gifts.


Yes, me too..thanks for your comments

Its really a wonderful surprise for her.Proud of your forseeing

The best and smartest gift for a bright future :)

Really nice of you :) hopefully her university fees are sorted now


Wouldn't that be magic!

I believe the house will flow from it not the "nothing".


That would be the dream!

I believe thats a good move

Great idea for a gift.

Good job you caught the photo posted by your brother! Near miss


Close call indeed! It's a cool gift, I'm hoping she will have a lot of use of when she is 18.

Love to your nice and Saluton to you. Bonan tagon !

I got really worried when you said that he had shared a pic of the hardware wallet, glad to know it's not gone!


I shared the same worry. Luckily I was on time. I guess I saw the danger :)

Gosh I can imagine that you almost got a heart attack. Non-crypto users do not yet understand. Luckily you spotted it. I think there will be a new industry for teaching crypto 101. Maybe we should join forces in NL. :)


I think the way Steem handles crypto is a lot more clear and easier to use. I'm hoping this trend will continue in the future.

What a great gift idea! Luckily you caught this in time.


Thank you and yes! Just in time :)

Awesome! I did the same thing for my sister at Christmas!


That's a great gift for her!

Such a nice present. She will always be thankful


Will be fun to see what the BTC price will be in 13 years!

Haha! Strong words for your Bro required I think!

It's a perfect side present, I used to save silver coins for people. Not any more!


Haha, I'll talk to him you bet :). Silver coins sound like a cool present to get too!


Good move! Yeah I thought so, but comparing silver - btc over the past 5 years... you know the rest man!

you r amazing and nice person nice post


thank you.

This is quite a cool story! It also reminds me to never fully cash out all of my alt currencies I am in desperate need for money.



haha, cheers man!

this is so great, what an awesome way to get her interested in crypto ;)


I think it will be another 7 years before I can explain it. But you can't start too early :)

  ·  4년 전

I'd keep that wallet safe for her yourself if I were you ... why on earth would he post that on open channels ...


lol! I know man.

This is clever ! my birthday is coming up soon ;)

Very nice gesture, but only 25 dollars, dude give her 1 btc or better 25 in steem.. thats nothing compared to what you are making.. that way when she's 18 she will be set. I think I will do that for my cousin.


In 2015 my life was different.


yeah I have read ur post... u went through some tough times. don't be scared to share to give a lot .. I have found this to be beneficial. I do like your post.

I'm hoping some day after I am gone, my sons will be saying something like "I'm glad Dad invested in crypto in the early days." I want them to have a financial advantage, but not spoiled rotten brats.


Would be nice to give your kids an edge in life through crypto!

Must have been the best present that she received for her birthday, she will thank you when she is 18!!


She doesn;t know it yet, but I'm hoping it will be the best present.

She's already got more money than I had three weeks ago. :-D

Dear God @exyle you need to talk to him about safety measures !


I will tomorrow, you bet!

I am sure she is going to thank you in years to come.

What a great gift. 20 years from now, this is going to be a best present ever.


That's the plan!

That is a great gift and will provide a great introduction for her to currencies and investing when she is older. I remember my grandparents giving me a government savings bond every birthday that gave a small amount of interest. Why not be creative and aggressive when gifting to a 3yr old! No risk at all!


Yes! No risk at all for here and it already went 10x :) Man, can you imagine in 13 years. It must be either worthless or worth a lot.


You might just be her favorite uncle!