Pasta with spicy sausage, garlic, fennel seeds, pepper flakes and some lemon and white wine to make it awesome!

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I had to make dinner alone today.

I went scouring the cabinets and found just the ingredients I needed for this meal.

I think it's a recipe my sister in law made for me once and I remember it pretty well.

What I like about this pasta is that it's very fast to make yet incredible delicious.

Let's cook!


Ingredients: Spicy sausage, pasta, lemon, garlic, Fennel seeds and pepper flakes (a small glass of white wine not in the picture).


Squeeze the meat out of the sausage and fry till crispy. Also boil water and cook the pasta.



Add the rest of the ingredients to a mortar & pestle and smash to make the paste.



Add the paste to the meat. When it hits the pan hot it releases a fantastic small. It's very nice.


Fry the paste for a couple of minutes and grate some lemon zest over the pan. You can also add some white wine if you want.



Add the cooked pasta to the pan and stir.


End result! This pasta just works. The garlic with the fennel seeds and the lemon zest creates a great flavour and you get a nice kick from the pepper flakes.


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Looking good pasta,
Got to duplicate this one.
Sooner or later.

I like it

Chef Mark @exyle showing you his cooking Skills and Look for the Chef Exyle Smart Media Token coming to a Crypto Wallet near you soon...............



my fav is pesto with spaghetti :P


I like that one too!


I did this few days ago:

bolognese with garlic and mushroom


And something i can't avoid 😅


And then i backed to work and bought EOS 😁

Ah!! Pasta. This is my favorite. I also cook pasta. I find it very easy to make this food. But your recipe is new for me. And it seems the best pasta recipe. I must try it at my home. But I could not add wine. Because it would be hard to get wine for me. Drinking wine does not look good at my end. ha ha ha...

Thank you sir for the pasta recipe.

You are right, it’s very simple and must taste very delicious. Add bottle of beer 🍻 to it and it’s complete. This gives me an idea to make it for myself as well. I have some pasta and perhaps some Italian spicy sausages. I have to be very good on timing, my wife doesn’t want me to eat Italian sausages. 😆


my wife doesn’t want me to eat Italian sausages.

but why this cruelty?


lol She is thinking in a good way for my health. She is convinced it’s mostly made of chemicals and thrown away staff such as leftovers.

Oh, yes, a great dish, my friend and I imagine with what appetite you had supper today. I've always liked pasta with sausage, but adding your pasta with spices and finishing some white wine, this millet is awesome! Thank you Mark for a wonderful recipe!

My friend @exyle, that pasta looks delicious! My favorite pasta is Bologna, but I have to try your recipe. Thank you for sharing it with us! Greetings :)

Man, if I can cook half the way you do, I would be the happiest man on earth. I always enjoy checking out what you prepare but I must not lie, I haven't tried any of they yet. I always plan to. I hope I'll one day gather the courage to try them myself.


I am sure one day you will find it :)

Nice dinner! I must remember this recipe! Easy and looks really delicious.


It's really nice and spicy!

Well, I must admit, I learnt something new or a new way of doing things and that is, squeezing the meat out and frying it. So much quicker to cook thoroughly. The recipe sounds delish. Thanx for the tips!

You nailed the plating. That picture looks worthy of a magazine!!!


Thanks! finally! :)

That sounds and looks really tasty @exyle. I've never thought of taking the meat out of sausages. Good idea! 😊

I've if my favourite dishes! Your right, is a breeze to make but is awesome!


I love it!

  ·  3년 전

I do remember she called it pasta for real men!


That's right, now I remember.

That's a simple yet delicious dish, I bet you enjoyed it so much- I had never thought of extracting the meat out of the sausages....very creative of your sister-in-law :)

Oh man I love paste and these are nice with just butter, but yea this dish is a great idea frying the garlic meat sausage especially, good recipe thanks for the share @exyle

Wow so delicious food , you are great coocker , so genious , i like it , good job , keep it up ..

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

Follow my blog @powerupme

  ·  3년 전

This looks like exactly the same type of pasta I have eaten some time. Enjoy. Oh my... I have to get my ass up of the bed and make dinner for myself too, and it is already 23:20.



Looks yummy! I must try this! Thanks for sharing:)

One thing I love about the steemit blockchain and awesome blogs handled by men like @exyle is that you can always learn something new daily no matter how informed you are.
Today I am glad I came across this post of you preparing a sumptuous dinner like Pasta with spicy sausage, garlic, fennel seeds, pepper flakes and some lemon and white wine the combo sounds and looks tempting to try out sometime.
We all are life long learners, thanks once more for taking time to explain the procedures.

Nice and delicious recipe , with well explained ways of preparing this delicious and tasty food recipe. Thanks for sharing this delicious and yummy food recipe with your fans and followers @exyle

Yay!!! Pasta is ready master chef exyle on this one . Bon appetite mon ami. Can share with me, I’d love to taste your cooking 🥘 pasta 🍝

oh i like it i am pasta lover but this pasta is to simple to cook well i like veges pasta also mushrooms this gives really good taste
keep it up

Amiging looking much delicious and yumm. Excellent steepshot of food recipe cooking. thank you so much for sharing....@exyle

Wow @exyle you make really good pasta, it looks really delicious. I love it. Thanks for sharing another wonderful post

Beautiful photos and a recipe @exyle, pasta with meat has always been a delicious dish, but cooking this pasta with the addition of spicy spices and lemon, make your dish not forgettable and I'm sure it turned out very tasty!

It looks great, I'm sure that it tastes great. Indeed, this dish is one of those that are quickly prepared. Thank you very well.

Man you are really a husband material , your wife is so lucky to have you

thank you for your support about my dlive streaming.

and i like eat pasta :) i think this post is perfect ! Thank you again

No corriender leaves on it?

Looks nice, delicious and easy to make. Good appetite :) Enjoy your meal!
I love experimenting with pasta and different ingredients. Believe me the result is always GOOD :)

waaao great @exyle, wonderful recipe and food photography is also awesome. you always share tasty dishes, lot of love from me.

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Have a good dinner alone today

looks delicious @exyle!!

As you know, restaurant chefs and the best chefs in the world are men, and it is no accident. Every man is genetically able to cook and has innate talents in the field of cooking. If women cooking is a drudgery for men – creative process. A man in the kitchen is an artist, an experimenter. With the help of cooking, he expresses himself and creates real masterpieces.

Wow... i like pasta... nice post boss

wao, it looks delicious, I like pasta, but no more than my children love it.

You did a cool job buddy ;)

It sure looks very delicious .

wow it looks good !! Those fantastic ingredients. Bon Appetite!

really great..

Uhmmm...looks so tasty. Thanks for sharing Mark @exyle :)

I will love to taste this awesome meal. There is love in sharing

Awesome, pasta is my favourite dish.

I think its so much tasty........

Yammi foods.......

You're making me hungry!

Very simple to make and it looks really delicious, good for a day when you need to do something quick but delicious.

I've never heard of adding fennel to a pasta dish. The bowties look delicious!

Shared on the twitter box:

Looks SO yummy! Now you have me craving it!! Mmmm, what a great combo of ingredients!! Enjoy!

The pasta looks super delicious and amazing wow so great to see that :)