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The recent revelations stemming from Steemit Inc. not only put the frighteners up most of us but also highlighted the importance of keeping the Steem blockchain as decentralised as possible. Developers, coders and witnesses, all play a huge part in that infrastructure. So, after some serious thought, I decided to leave those finer details to a group who would most definitely know better than I.


The thing is, the overwhelming majority of the community here on the Steem blockchain, are unaware of the roles key witnesses play. I certainly was, until the damning issues that I mentioned previously surfaced. It seems imperative to me that as well as Steemit Inc conducting their tasks over on the other side, we also are accountable in some respect too. That being, choosing which witnesses we vote for.

If we want everything to ultimately work out, the right people must be in the right places. Devs who build apps to attract mass audiences. Devs who produce killer UI's, thus providing greater transparency and user experiences for us. Ideologists who's sole aim is to make (or should I say "keep") Steem as one of the greatest blockchains available today. For the progression and evolution of these essential objectives, role plays are of paramount importance.

So, herein lies the huge problem. We don't know what most of the witness actually "do" to achieving that goal. Wouldn't it be convenient if "one" person or party, aided us in not only better understanding the roles key witnesses play in this regard, but also providing a list of recommendations too? And preferably a "neutral and non-affiliated political" group whose end goal is not a selfish one, but rather a unified approach to building this blockchain together as a community. Well, I've found that the @blockbrothers fit that set of criteria to a tee, therefore would like to show my hand of support for their witness. The people's witness, as far as I'm concerned.

Without mentioning any names, it surprises me that even in these dire times, certain individuals are not making themselves heard to raise community spirit or offer any advise on potential solutions. It "still" seems all about politically driven positioning and greed. Well, that mindset simply isn't compatible with what's required right now, from anyone's standpoint. I've known @exyle (one of the @blockbrothers) for quite some time now and can easily vouch for his enthusiasm and motivations pertaining to Steem and everything in it. Obviously, you can see it too. He loves this platform probably more than Ned himself and doesn't appear to shy away from speaking his mind with a view to getting stuff done. Hence, given the brevity of the current situation at hand and my (as well as many others) lack of knowledge when it comes to who are the best people for the job at hand, I can't think of a better choice than him and the team.

Take the pain out of researching "who does what" and "who knows best". These guys are on the ball, as far as this matter goes and you'd be doing a massive favour to yourself and the blockchain in general, by adding them as a proxy. The latest post by @blockbrothers should afford you with all the evidence you need for the last statement to hold true.

So come on, peepz! Let's push this chain to the next level and beyond by taking actions that simply make sense!


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)

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Wow @ezzy! Thanks so much for this post and your nice words. We will do our utmost best to honor the trust of the proxy you just gave us. You can follow any witness changes under the @blockbrothers account. We will post about them there. Again thanks!


I expect nothing less from you guys. And thank "you" for stepping up to the mark when the time calls for it.

I saw the same posts from them and agree that the approach and considerations they take into account with their incoming and outgoing votes are great and transparent. I have yet to complete all 30 witness votes as I take the decisions seriously but their effort helped me add 3-4 while I was pleased to see that many others we already on my vote list. Great initiative for them to do this as it will become more important as we decentralize more in the future!

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Glad they could be of that much great service to you. It's good to know we still got some witness we can count on. :)

Great post @ezzy!

@blockbrothers have shown their dedication and value to the blockchain and @exyle's commitment was evident to me since first following him.

That said all witness accounts run by committee have had my support removed 8 months ago (with perhaps one exception). That is because my one vote is intended for one witness which can be communicated with one on one, not by conference call.

Hopefully if Steemit, Inc. delivers on the rocksDB implimented HF, the group that now comprises @blockbrothers will be able to afford their individual servers and speak as individual witnesses. This could work to make their voice even stronger, should more than one of them achieve Top Twenty Status.

My hope is that that will be the case and thank all members of @blockbrothers for their contributions and dedication to the blockchain.


I echo every one of your sentiments tenfold, buddy! :)

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