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Hi everyone,

We are still waiting for our mortgage approval and it is starting to be Very annoying. Apparently, our block is in a high-risk area and that is a reason for the hold up. We are due to go for holidays in less than a month and it is very difficult to enjoy it since our life’s feels so unstable.

I wish that it will be solved soon so we can have some peaceful family time. Don’t get me wrong, we are very happy in the house that we are renting, and I am very glad for the nice place to live in, but I just find the bank very unprofessional and I think that is a reason for my overall frustration. The lack of communication is my biggest concern. Just today I had a conversation with the lady that purchased block on the same estate and is going through similar issues with the same lender.

I’ve been thinking about my kids and how to make the moving houses a bit easier on them and decided to draw some pictures for Emily and make up a story to go with them. I used one of our dogs (that she loves) as main character to make it more personal. We came up with lots of different scenarios to go with the photos, some where not even related to moving.





It was a great exercise for her imagination and it gave us a nice distraction. I love being able to share creative time together and I am encouraged when Emily asks me to make a new project together.

I would love to hear your stories to go with the drawings 😊

Maybe I can read them to Emily!

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Such beautiful pictures, and yes a special way to spend time with Emily. I hope things come right quickly


Thank you:)

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