Learn the art of reading faces

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The reading of the face or what is known as "phonology" is a very wonderful technique, where you can explain the personality traits of a person and knowledge of the past, present and future, as well as the state of health, only through the study of the face, it is an old art to analyze the personality of the individual based on the characteristics of the face, A feature in the face, such as narrow eyes, big nose, long chin, thick eyebrows, gives a general idea about a person's life, personality and health problems.

The best way to learn to read your face is to first learn how to recognize the different facial features, and then learn how to relate to the personality traits of the interviewer. You can read the face to yourself, your lover, family members, friends, coworkers and others, discover things that may be surprising to you and help you get started. Here are some simple rules that are a guide to reading your face:

To start reading the face you first have to analyze the following personal traits:

Face shape: There are five types of faces you should know, including:

The face of the rectangle: The owners of this face fitness and muscle, and tend to narcissism and some problems in their relationships, and is characterized by a pattern of thinking process and methodology.

Round face: The owners of this face are known for their sensitivity and care. They are very intelligent, characterized by diplomacy, suffer from slow decision-making, are dreamers, and seek stable and long-term relationships.

Characteristics of the owner of this face: intelligent, diplomatic, has a commercial mind, adaptable, optimistic, inclined to care, sensitive, intuitive, dreaming.

Oval face: The owner of this face enjoys a fairly balanced character, beautiful and charming, good diplomacy, weak physical strength, and is a bit illogical at times.

Characteristics of the owner of this face: IQ high, perfect, fitness weak, bold, entrepreneur, good decision-making, committed to obey the rules.

Heart Face: Most people with heart-shaped faces are not very fond of outdoor work, preferring to spend their time analyzing and gaining knowledge.

Personality traits: Thinker, leader, official, philosophical, loving, ideal, interested in knowledge more than money.

The face of the box: It is believed that these people have a clever mind, analytical and decisive, and the face shape is linked to the aggressive nature and hegemony reversed the truth.

Characteristics of the owner of this face: systematic, practical, conservative, calm, reliable, cautious, looking for stability.

The face of the triangle: The owners of this face are thin, possess intellectual conviction, and have the ability to think creatively, and are characterized by humor, laughter and love of fun.

Characteristics of this face: open to the outside, fun, moody, needs an audience, enjoys a fun personality.

Eye Color:

Eyes forms the window of the soul, powerful women

Eyes large: open eyes, has intellectual curiosity and vivid imagination, hate boredom, very creative, very sensitive.

Eyes small: the owner of those eyes that, automated, systematic, very focused on things that concern him, narrow-minded.

The shape of the nose: types of noses and different sizes

Short nose: The owner of this nose enjoys a thin, sensitive, defensive character, hard to identify well, and often there are problems in the head and not in fact.

Long nose: The character of this nose is decisive, authoritarian, active, characterized by the enjoyment of travel, sports and culture, and loves freedom and the need for its own space.

The Roman nose: The owner enjoys wisdom, charisma, and is very passionate and enthusiastic, his feelings strong in love and hatred.

Ear shape: The ear can show many hidden qualities of the person, which can indicate many of the characteristics of the personality as follows:

Small ears: indicate honor, morality and affection, and the more the ear lobe, the more feelings, and the owner of the data personality show shyness and reserve.

Big ears: the owner shows a desire for brutal destruction, sometimes strength, courage and energy, in addition to the rugged and material.

Ordinary ears: the performance of the owner with anger and hatred, and has criminal tendencies, and has the energy and design.

Not only does it revolve around the individual by sight, but it can also apply to the general health condition, and / the rise of the sniper and the custom of a person to learn scientifically, some ordered.

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