Imran khan

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Bharata News Reporter Special Bharat Neh Shah Afridi
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif meets Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan at Peshawar Zalmai Chamber of Commerce, Prime Minister praised Peshawar Zalmai's efforts to promote cricket .Just Afridi, chairman of the Zalmai Zulfiqar, met Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan in Islamabad. In the meeting, Javed Afridi expressed appreciation and good wishes for Prime Minister to handle the position. In the meeting, Prime Minister Pakistan and Chamber of Commerce Zalmai / Zalmai Foundation discussed mutual interest. Specially speaking about sports promotion and youth empowerment in the country, Chamber of Commerce Zalmai Javed Afridi says that Prime Minister fully supports Imran Khan's vision and is hopefully now headed by the country. New developments will be developed. Javed Afridi said that the Prime Minister appreciated the steps of Peshawar Zalmai, who are the prime ministers of the Prime Minister, after taking the role in promoting sports. Peshawar Zalmai and Zalmai Foundation pledge to pay more taxes in the promotion of sports in the country and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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