I'm in so much pain.

3년 전



Here's hoping
life will be groping
my mind, moping
by a side and roping
it to roof-rack.
wee We're eloping
while you're scoping
this oddity, His oddity
is gently soaping
his odd mask, doping
your wine glass, coping
with his oddness.

Nobody else will solve my problems
a bullet might or bloody quantum
future, mixed precise or perhaps random
Uncertain maths with solutions phantom.
Digging out my knife and chisel.
I'm chiseling out the little weasel
and cutting in it's place something devisal
or devil, anything better than heart-measles.

As you asked, I took the wholesale chill pill
Now I am on top of world, physically ill
vomiting positivity, flaunting words worth nil.
yeah! I'm cool and composed but what's the bill?
Stuffing in the gory and grime, living in prime
like pilgrim of time, mime I expressions and lines
I learnt in movies and shows prime time, I rhyme
words that cut as swords, asking is life mine?

loving it.
See them
shoving it
while they're
robbing it.
Hope I'm never
buying it.
Observe! for
Crying it
loud. Are you
Trying it
on? are you
dying it


This is my day 87 entry of the 100 days of poetry by @d-pend from SteemitSchool.

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Interesting poem It wastes a cynicism that shakes and makes one think. The end of it is well achieved, the speech is poetic, but the message clear: hope hurts because there is no way of salvation. The images reveal an intensity of negative emotion
Excellent work with writing, poet.


So good to see you here, poet. This is my last poem on 7 stages of grief. The next one will be about renewal but, also rife with negative sentiments. :).

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