What to do after you kill yourself?

3년 전

Reflection and Loneliness


Chipped in.
Teeth in.
believe in
Tin Tin.
I feel so
Has this how
things been?
Rusting away

Trusting away at limbs artificial.
Bursting out to friends artificial.
Mustering scraps to wrap the fecal
filth filled brain frenzied by decal
oh! fuck. here comes thoughts lethal
I find most meanings so very menial.
Once I die, I'll buy the shy guy recall.
Once I try I'll fly high to start of sequel.

find me a gun and a bullet
one man Russian roulette.
One shot; blow away regrets.
One push; you win all bets.

Bring out the picnic basket.
I live in a cozy casket.
Grass and mud, green and brown.
use a marker to remedy your frown.
Peter Parker to ready your gown.
I wonder what's got you down.
Is it me or is it the clowns...
smiling away.

the clowns are gone

you and me all alone
Finally the air we breathe is mild pain,
your pretty face need no smile's stain.
Just be. you. me. see.
cold. world. unfold.
before. your. core.
mine. we're fine. and old.
Never lonely.
When you're only.
I see zombies.
Find you homely.


This is my day 84 entry of the 100 days of poetry by @d-pend from SteemitSchool.

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