Points of Creation, Truth, and Playing the Piano

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It is a bizarre universe that we live within. Perhaps those that say this is a simulation are correct, for I cannot escape the mounting evidence that I'm surrounded by NPC's (non-player characters) who act mindlessly and without regard for themselves or others.

Our objective should be to leave this place better than what we suffered through. We should be improving, building, and growing. I'm unfortunately surrounded by those who either cannot see the truth as I see it or worse--they actively seek to prevent that truth from being furthered.

The truth does not need to be protected. It doesn't need a "secret society." Truth does not need to be hidden. Anyone suggesting it does seeks to continue or conceal a lie instead. Those people are all around us, they out number us, and they have more power than us.

They're still wrong. No matter how much power they have, I will not join them. No matter what consequences to me or my loved ones, I will not give ground to them. The fight, what we are fighting for, is worth any price. As long as a few of us refuse to kneel, they cannot win.

You have purpose. We all do. No matter what difficulties you are struggling with right now, you can affect change around you. Your actions matter, and they can change the universe. Some believe our star, the sun as we call it, is a creation point.

If our star is a machine of creation and we are simply in a simulation, you are in control of the program. Your thoughts and actions are running the program. What you think about and do are like the pianist playing the piano. We are not the star, but we are composer. Creation came before us, but we direct the music.

It's an awesome responsibility, and I'm asking you to do your best. Each and every one of us has a part in this, and how we live our lives affects everyone else around us. Do your best, become your best, and make the world a better place. It is your life, but I ask you to not waste it. Use it to create and improve.

To all the creators, improvers, and truth defenders, I salute you. May our light never extinguish. "Even a little light beats the darkness."


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I didn't know what NPC stands for, I've seen it a few times in comment sections, hadn't looked it up yet. Now I don't have to. :)

Nice to see you around here. :)




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Screw the NPC's. They're mindless robots who don't think for themselves.


I often say they are well programmed and dangerous robots. The other day though someone corrected me and said that was an insult to robots.

We are the source of energy to the universe. Our ability to reach out and help others gives us strength. The NPC's will surely do their best to distract us from achieving our goals. All one has to do is follow the path they have chosen as they are very close to achieving their goals.


To me energy is god. It is everything and everywhere. I don't need faith to believe in it either. ;-) There's so really fascinating research and theories about stars too. Some people think they are "points of creation," and everything we know to exist comes from them. It's a weird idea but plausible.

Some people around me really do feel like NPC's though. They are not alive and are just part of the program. Maybe we are aliens off in some distant place, and we're playing the game called Earth. Soul mates or people who feel naturally drawn to others are perhaps alien relatives or sitting next to each other while playing the game?

It's a deep rabbit hole to go down! ha ha

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I was contemplating what to do with my STEEM after powering down. After trying out MeWe and Minds, I still enjoy Steemit most. In the future I may actually purchase more STEEM to get more than 5K SP.