What Do You That 'Helps You Think' While You're At Work?

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Every work place is different. When you live on the internet and earn your income from cryptocurrencies like I do you are always staring at the monitor. There's not a lot else that you can do really!

Off late I've been using a fitness band to ensure I can take a break at a regular intervals as I have a habit of getting lost in whatever I'm working on and sit at my desk for hours!



When I'm not traveling I'm usually working from the comfort of my home. That's the benefit of having a job that is location flexible. You don't have to commute but it's not always very good because the entirety of your socialisation is limited to the people you chatting on slack, telegram, discord, steem.chat or whatsapp and other communication channels.

A portion of my everyday work involves writing content and between all the tasks I have lined up and no one to assist it becomes increasingly difficult to think of new ideas to share with the world.

Listening to music helps. Sometimes I play a particular track I enjoy listening to over and over again and it helps me ideate. I listen to very specific type of music when I'm work and I have a good speaker system that belts out great quality of tracks. Sometimes I put on my headphones and they are amazing at cancelling out noise aiding me further in my approach to focus on a task.

I also tend to walk around the house sometimes because let's face it, it's good exercise and sitting long hours is bad for our spine and health in general.

But, I also lie down on the couch. We have one in the living room and because I am my own boss I don't have to worry about 'slacking.' Infact the couch helps me rest my back and I do it as often as I need it in order to think up a solution to any given problem that I'm tackling.

The couch has helped me come with some great post ideas as well as some strategies to go about trading so I can improve on my portfolio allocation. So taking 3-5 minute rest in-between your work did no one any harm. Ofcourse, this is very much dependant on your environment. Not everyone has this privilege.

It's important to have a clear mind when you want to come up with new ideas for existing problems or think of any new opportunities.

Everyone has their way of going about this process. Sometimes when I feel stuck with something I take a short break to away from my desk and think about the problem objectively instead of getting stressed over it.

I usually long days at work and I work 7 days a week, especially when I am not traveling. So doing some of these things helps me stay calm and focused.

Some of this might seem odd but I consider it important to take short breaks at work to achieve a consistent output in any work that I do. I utilise a number of things in order to accomplish that.

Consistency is key in everything we do! But often times we forget or ignore this important aspect-that our mental focus also needs to be consistent. This ofcourse is easier said than done!

So dear readers, what is it that you do when you are at work or during your break at work which helps you think and come up with solutions to your problems at hand.

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Working fulltime on your own gig is an awesome way to make a living and not everybody has the courage to do it. I did it for a while and found that it requires a lot of disciple and unless you love what you do, there is literally no way that you could continue. Although my efforts didn't pan out but it left me with a desire to make sure that I go back to doing it once I get my life back together.

One of the things that I remember struggling with was to find ways to recharge myself. After starting my project right after college, I was working almost 20 hours a day and it took a toll............ I went down after 5-6 months and doctor prescribed complete rest for a week before I could start working again. Then the same thing happened again and it was as if couldn't help but over-exert myself in my work.

Eventually I had to withdraw due to reasons of health and finances but I learned something about myself. I found that one of the best ways to get my thoughts together was to have a casual chat with my parents. Of course I had to let them know that wasn't there for penetrating questions but just for their company :-) Being the sweet heart people that they are, they always obliged......

I do three things:

  • Isolate Myself and temporarily cut off all my connections from the outside world so all my attention can be directed to my work and nothing else.
  • Indie Music helps big time. I listen to one very specific song whenever I need to write philosophy or psychology.
  • Imagine what would I do in a particular situation and think of how others might and then write accordingly.

I think of my father that how will my father do It than I get an idea and Ido it sometimes I take a break or get to my friends or do some exercise to focus on my goal

If all of that things didn't worked then I sleep a lil bit

Sometimes I get out of house and think going out to park is better than all sometimes we get a new subject to talk on

It's been interesting to read your post.

It sounds a lot like my day, the only difference is I'm not so much behind the computer but working with honey that I sell locally and listening to music or audiobooks while doing the same things every day.

I find it relaxing to do something else when I get stuck or bored with one task, trying to constantly be busy.

Sometimes I do however get carried away by a video or just different social media sites, but hey who cares if you are learning new things along the way.

I'm my own boss, so nobody that tells me what to do.

P.S Thanks for the upvote on my previous comment to you! It helps a lot on my Steemit journey!

Keep on steeming...


I am a music lover and that relaxes me, I always carry my headphones with me, and in my moment of rest I listen to instrumental music to relax, it helps me to think, it is an escape. although I do not have much time of rest because I am a teacher and I must be attentive to the children, but when I arrive at my house I listen to music and work with steemit, to read and to create articles also relaxes me. Thank you for this publication.

We almost have the similar experience, but till now I am not produce good posting yet. Have great days always Mr. Firepower.

The fantastic way to manage your stress is to do whatever you wish to do. Well written dear! Super like from my side.

You're absolutely right, @firepower! Consistency not only covers our physical ability to do the work, but to be present and stay focused while doing the work, because after all, output and thought go hand-in-hand.

Well, my technique is I divide my tasks, and after I do the first task, I take a 30-minute break to do some stretching, PERSONAL socialising (with people at home), and some snacking. And I take naps - that helps me relax, release all the work stress and get ready for another task to do! 😊

I agree with you @firepower, consistency in everything we do is very important for our development and improvement. These improvements will help us to solve daily tasks or problems with ease. Whenever i am working I always ensure i avoid disturbance from anybody because i get easily distracted by things around me so I always endeavor to dedicate my full attention to whatever i am doing and it has helped me a lot in achieving my goals. Listening to good music on my laptop is what i do when i get tired or want to take a break from work. Sometimes I listen to music and work at the same time.

Do you find this too @firepower, that like different fruits, ideas come in seasons? Well, maybe not quite the same way, but the climate of your mind does play a role it seems!

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