you can make way.

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are you conditioned?
this world as you call it... its rather different than you grew up to know.
now as you have become older... you must ask yourself this question.
are you you, or are you that what someone else wanted you to be.

do you respond to situations in a certain way?
do you defend topics without any logical basis?

you are VALUABLE
never forget that. no matter what people may told you.
you will always be good for something.

you have influence
as long as you have voice and opinion you can influence the tides.

you can do anything
talking about hopelessness, those days will come and go,
and you must always KNOW, that you can do anything.

you are appreciated
by those, who cannot express it.

you are loved

you are talented
and with dedication your talent can bloom and form a field of flowers.

you make a difference
in your lie, or someone elses just know that you can make a difference.

you matter

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