Diary of a brownie. 1 part

3년 전

10 July.
I started to keep a diary. The last 150 years I remember, and then what was before - I began to forget. I will write down, it can come in handy. I stole the notebook from the landlady, I think - will not notice.

11 July.
Did not wash the dishes? Say goodbye to the earrings. Absolutely relaxed, little people ...

July, 12.
It was boring. All night long they chased the cat with a race. The hostess woke up, kicked him and locked her in the pantry. For this I squeezed out the remains of toothpaste in the trash. The cat is upset and angry with me for driving together, and gets to him only.

the 14 th of July.
At night, I had nothing to do with rattling utensils and stomping. The hostess climbed under the blanket and thought that it would help her. It's funny ...

July 15.
A fat priest with a censer came, he crept into the whole house. I told my hostess that everything would be fine. But the figs you ... I can not get a censer.

July 17th.
He fell off the cupboard and smashed the vase. Again I got a cat. Now he does not talk to me. Only he sits and looks with condemnation. Uncomfortable as it happened ...

18 July.
The hostess vacuumed. For an hour and a half they sat with the cat under the bed. Hell car! But with the cat reconciled.

21 July.
Long did not write, after cleaning the hostess, three days looking for a diary. Nothing interesting. Some guy with flowers came to see her, stayed overnight. He asked the cat to poke him in his shoes. He long refused, but I promised him to get a toy from under the couch. Agreed. Again I got a lyuley. He says that I am shit.

22 July.
At night, the mistress choked on the old habit. Now this guy is spending the night with us every night. He says that he will protect her. Rambo, b ...!

23 July.
At night a man strangled me. Has got already. I do not like him.

24 July.
Did the cleaning in the house. The landlady can not find the chain. I think to throw it in the cat tray.

27 July.
They came from the battle of psychics. Everyone sent nafig, no one sent back. But they said that I was the spirit of the deceased grandfather of the mistress. Lies. He left 2 years ago.

July 29.
The landlady now leaves me the milk under the stove. Thinks I'm sleeping there. Found a moron! I now sleep with her on the bed, good, the peasant sings and does not come.

30 July.
I stumbled across the apartment icons. I looked, looked ... I used to draw better ...

August 2.
For the airborne forces!

August 3rd.
The landlady ran around the house all day, looking for a cat. I thought he had escaped. We sat in the closet, neighing.

5th of August.
Forgot to turn on the stealth mode. The hostess ran for the hair spray.

9 August.
They sang songs with a cat. The landlady called the vet. The cat is now worried about its scallops.

12th of August.
All the same, she sold the apartment. Here is an infection! We left yesterday. With the cat agreed to correspond via pigeons. When they moved out, I found out that he had shit under the stove. What a bastard!

14 August.
A new family has arrived ... Well, well ...



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