Diary of a brownie. 3 part

3년 전

12-th of September.
I got a new notebook. I'm sitting on the fridge, writing. Three o'clock in the morning. The hostess eats sausage and thinks that nobody sees her.

13 September.
The cat is shedding. I am sneezing. The mistress is baptized.

September 15th.
We read with the cat Kama Sutra. Well, how did you read it? .. They were squeezed from the pictures. But then they thought a lot.

16 of September.
The cat shitbed under the bed. I asked him - why? Says - it's like it broke out. Experiencing. He asks me where I can be buried for a couple of days.

17 September.
The landlady hagal reached for the slippers and plunged into ... history. The cat sat on the closet and pretended to have wiped the dust there. Hahal climbed after him, collapsed and broke his arm. I fell from laughter with the chandelier to the hostess. The calendar is an auspicious day.

19 September.
Hahal does not come yet. The hostess had a cat's sneaker. Now he does not talk to me. I then where?

20 September.
I threw a note with the peace offer to the cat. He pretended for a long time that he could read. As a result, gobbled it up and said that I agree. I think I underestimated him. I hid the diary.

September 22nd.
They fought with the cat on the scissors in the scissors-paper. It is not interesting to play with him. Because in addition to paper, he can not put anything. Now lies on the bed and complains of a headache.

23 September.
The plumber came. I asked for the key to sixteen. I gave it to him. What kind of habit - to faint?

25 September.
Again pop, again censer. I asked him not to smoke very much. He said that once the money is flattened, you have to wait. Hinted to him about the rollback. He pretended that he had stopped hearing me.

26 September.
He told the cat that there are a lot of vitamins in geraniums. What will be ...

September 27.
The mistress of the second day sleeps with light. I turn it off from time to time. Every time I fall asleep under a prayer. In my opinion, Esenin wrote better.

28 September.
Celebrated the birthday of the cat. They drank valerian, skated on the curtains, sang songs. In the evening we sat on the windowsill. The cat walked around the parapet and shouted that if it falls, it will not be a fig, because he has nine lives. Such a bad drunk becomes ...

29 September.
Horseradish ... Milk would ...

September 30th.
We watched with the cat Animal Planet. He says that all the lions are stupid, because they sit on anabolic. It seems to me, just jealous.

2 October.
He told the cat that if you sit in a box, you can actually lose weight. I go, I laugh ...

3 October.
Tomorrow we are visited by the hostess mother. We are waiting ...



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