For the sake of what man lives.

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For what does a person still live? The meanings of life are different for everyone. One person dreams of a career, the other - about travel, the third meaning of life is to find a suitable partner, the fourth finds himself in the upbringing of children, the fifth - in the development of new scientific achievements.

This list can be continued indefinitely. But everything that people do, is done in the name of someone or something. Moreover, the level of our development directly depends on the number of those for whose happiness we want to live.

How to understand what is worth living for

It would seem, why should my existence depend on strangers? But, in principle, it does not depend. Just some, living by the law of the jungle, transform their existence into these very jungles.

Others, lavishing love around her, reap her. Moreover, understanding how to live your own life often comes at the most acute moments. And it is best to understand why we live in this world, help complex life situations.

After all, it is often in them that the priorities change and the person reconsiders his attitude not only to his family and friends, but also to life in general.

How to understand the meaning of life on earth

The meaning of a person's life on earth is like a clear plan, according to which goals are chosen daily, priorities are established and being is built. The reason for which a person lives, as a guiding star, helps to get out of the fogs and build new landmarks. But in what exactly does it consist?

Many worldview theories agree that the meaning of life is in love. And this is actually so. After all, no power, no money, no fame, no knowledge brings real happiness. Only the one who radiates love around him looks genuinely happy. 

What is the meaning of a person's life and for his sake he lives

Each of us has his own words for what it is worth living for. We offer here the most simple, basic options:

• To learn and develop - to change internally under the influence of mastered teachings;

• Learn - share knowledge;

• Create - create something new;

• Feel - to live more and more new emotions;

• To love is to give others the particles of your heart;

• To be pleased - to be able to take pleasure.

But, as the ancients used to say, length is not important, but depth. Therefore, the key here is not just to live, but to be able to enjoy every moment given by life.

The meaning of life for a woman

In today's society, women have opportunities, almost equal with a man. She can afford to make a career and do a lot of her favorite work. It is able to develop in any field that it has chosen for itself. But can the fact that a woman lives for, give her real happiness?

Yes, work, hobbies, men, girlfriends or family can be a sense of being and bring pleasure. But still the main purpose and meaning for women is the opportunity to realize their life potential in the birth and upbringing of children. After all, it is her mission to continue the human race.

To live for the sake of the child

A man without children is like a withered branch on a tree of being. After all, only with their birth do most people have true goals and genuine priorities. It is with them that adults are reborn and become wiser, stronger and more responsible. If a person has the meaning of life in children, then all his thoughts revolve around their needs. He dedicates his children to days and nights, sometimes completely leaving no time for himself.

Is it possible to live only for the sake of children?

But modern psychological science claims that it is not necessary to live exclusively for the sake of children. Moreover, sometimes it even brings harm. After all, being overly cared for by our children, we make them helpless in the outside world, unable to adapt to it.

Moreover, by sacrificing ourselves, we often act like a victim, not a loving mother. And yet our relationships with the second half suffer from this, and this is not every man can withstand and accept.

Therefore, one must learn to live not in the name of children, but with them. Love and harmony in the family are guaranteed only in this case!


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