20 facts about me - inspired by @asperger-kids

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Hi Everyone

today i want to post 20 facts about myself, that you can get me known a little bit better. But first of all @asperger-kids inspired me, to write this articel.
But before let me thank you for the warm welcome! This is such a great community!
So let's get started.


I love to read books. There are so many books in this world waiting to be read. But i only like to read non-fiction articels.


I'm completly into sport. Since i'm young, im doing it regularly. Every sort of sport i have been testing, but at the end i found my love into fitness and calisthenics.

That's me during a posing session. :D


I'm 18 years old and 1.65 cm tall.


I love eating, but i think it is important to controll that.

Content from pexels.com


I love to travel around the world. My goal is it to see the completly world before the end of my life.

Picture from my last trip to amsterdam.


My favourite kind of music is techno, but i also love rap, hip-hop, jazz, chillstep and other sorts of music.

Here my music advice!


Music from a friend of mine! Check him out!


I love dancing, especially to techno! A few years ago i started shuffling to electronical music.

Me shuffling to techno in the club.

For now im working on my homepage. Im doing it completly on my own.
--- stay tuned, homepage is releasing soon ---

One picture of my homepage.

In the course of 2018 im releasing my first free E-Book
--- so stay tuned, more information following soon! ---

The most thing i hate, is lying.

I love money, shares, cryptocurrencies, ETF's every other financial investment.

Content from pexels.com


I also like to go on parties and just enjoy the life.

Cannabis-coffee in amsterdam (picture taken by myself)


I'm completly honest


I always wake up very early to use every single minute.

Picture was taken in the plane by myself. - on the way to amsterdam


Although i love sport, i smoke cigarettes..


Since my birth im single.


For now im working for an asset consulting.

Thats me at my mothers birthday.


On the side im doing an internship in my gym.

Me during the internship.


I love to communicate and interact with other people. Beeing an extrovert is not always simple.


Only a few days are over since i started my blog here, but i have to say that i love this blogpage and the community. Im very happy to be part of it now! Let's have a nice time here!

Of course i would be happy about a

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Twitter - https://twitter.com/Lololured

Hompage - releasing soon

More articels of me:

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Thanks for sharing your interesting facts! I'm curious about the cannabis coffee! Never had on, although I smoked a lot of whee, when I was younger. I started smoking bong right from the beginning.
I hate Techno music, but I found a awesome techno-like song by Fat Freddy's Drop: Shiverman ...
Upped, Followed and Resteemed!


Thatnks @holgerwerner for upvoting, sharing and follwing!

Do you still smoke bong?

Also like that song! :D

the cannabis coffee was very delicious and it came very smooth :D

greetings :)


No I quit smoking half a year ago, and it's been quite some years I didn't smoke Bong. But I wouldn't mind if I had the chance again some time. But the circumstances have to be right, and the bong to be clean. Same with the weed.
Before I smoked my fist bong (pure Silverhaze, or some lemon strain, if I remember it right), when I was 19 (now I'm 37) I brushed top clean.


Very good that you quit bong smoking regularly!
If mean it's like alcohol, if you only drink sometimes it's ok, but if you smoke or dring it on a daily base, it's abuse not an enjoyment.

got nearly the same story haha :D

But keep up buddy! You're on a good way!


Thanks, bro! Enjoyment always comes first! And when I let dictate my everyday life by alcohol or any other drugs, it wouldn't be enjoyable anymore. That's why I quit!

I wonder what I did, if I found some mushrooms in the woods!
One day I want to have an Ayahuasca experience!


Cool story bro! :D

but what the hell is a ayahuasca haha :D


Ayahuasca is a fascinating psychodelic brew that is prepared and consumed the woods of Sout-America to get in touch with nature, the spirits and the gods.

Willkommen im "20-Fakten-Club" :-)


Danke @unterwegs :D

Heiße dich ebenso herzlich willkommen! :D

Find die Challenge echt ganz nett um die anderen Steemians mal besser kennen zu lernen! :D

Grüße :)

Hi Welcome here I do believe you will enjoy this place.


Thank you very much!

Yeah ofc i will enjoy! :D

thanks for your comment, followed and upvoted!

Grettings :)