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This post is not meant to make you somebody you're not but to create an improvement for us to feel good about ourselves. I am not in the position to give advice because I, myself need a lot of improvement to make myself more confident within a bunch of other people. Instead, I have shared this post as my guide on how to emulate a good personalty towards achieving a successful life.

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We always need to start loving ourselves in order to be loved by other people. It is always clear to us that when someone says a person with good personality, it means they are like-able, interesting and pleasant to be with.

What is Personality?

Personality is a typical pattern of Thinking, Feeling , Behavior and Communicating that makes a person unique.

The Question lies ahead with how to become an interesting person?
There would be a lot of factors to answer this question but the main reason to become very interesting is to improve our personality.

Ways on how to improve one's personality:

  1. Know yourself.
    Analyze your strengths and weaknesses, traits, skills and qualities. If we are able to know these things about ourselves then we will know what are the things or factors we can be good at and focus on improving these factors that would make us a better person.

  2. Be confident.
    When we already know the things we are good at then we would feel confident about ourselves if we are drawn into a crowd full of people that we need to exercise the skills we have. Let's admit that if we were able to showcase our skills and talents then we feel good about it. Never doubt our capabilities and always trust ourselves that we can be experts.

  3. Be courteous.
    We should always know how to give respect so that we will also be treated the same way. Always smile, be humble and do random acts of kindness to other people.

  4. Improve the way you look.
    Check your attire, grooming, cleanliness, being presentable and have a great posture is the most evident way in creating a great impression towards other people which will regard you are a person with a good personality. This will also boost your confidence if you know to yourself that you look and feel good.

  5. Working on your body language.
    It's a fact that mannerisms that we often display is a sign of the lack of confidence. Aside from that, we are giving other people a bad impression. Too much body language is a sign of uncertainty as well.

  6. Bring a positive outlook in life.
    Look at the brighter side of things, be optimistic and display a great sense of enthusiasm when dealing with things.

  7. Have your own opinion and share it out.
    During brainstorming or a casual conversation, being well-informed with some things or the trend will make you look very interesting. It will make you very influential and you will gain people's trust.

  8. Be a good listener.
    It should not be always you who should be hear but hear people out as well. Be attentive, focused and create a genuine engagement. Eye-contact is a must, value other people's opinions and respect differences.

  9. Have a great sense of humor.
    Laugh at yourself and feel secured! Keep the conversation very light too. Sense of humor really works just like magic. So we should know how to break our funny lines and don't fake the laugh or giggle.

  10. Have Integrity.
    This is the most important one and will bring you at the heights of success that will regard you as a person with great personality. I would definitely agree on this one that if we can be trusted by other people because of how honest we are and how trustworthy we can be then definitely we can be successful in making ourselves an interesting person.

This post should make us feel good about ourselves and not change who we're not. We need to improve ourselves to be a better person, thus making ourselves develop a good personality. It's true that we cannot please everybody but at least people would like and love us if we were able to resonate a good aura to the people around us.

With all these things in mind, we'll definitely shine among the rest of the people around us.

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See you again on my next post.

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