Riots All Over

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So things are still very difficult all over the world we still have riots in the same countries we have been having riots in for the last few weeks. And that is despite the fact that some governments have given in to the rioters requests.

Now I think all of these are really masterminded by the same people, you know all of these riots are against the government and it just happens that they are against all types of governments, left wing, right wing, center, and if there aren't riots there are a lot of different people from different sides pushing different agendas.

Now I want to get one thing straight, Evo Morales, this guy actually got Bolivia's economy on a roll it grew over 250% in the last 12 years, Honduras whose governments have always been conservative right wing models grew 60% so is socialism better than capitalism? I think its just that you can curve some of the bankers and elites greed if you can push them a little, it's not the political system.

It is laughable to me that they are playing the "It wasn't a coup" card in Bolivia, you see I am from Honduras, this is where they invented that saying after the Zelaya coup, the US never said it was a coup the EU never said it was a coup until about five years after the coup the guy who became interim president in an interview just got so mad after a question that he said, yes, it was a coup, we had to get him out, we had the military the supreme court and congress get him out militarily it was a coup but it had to be done if not today Honduras would be socialist.

Now being that Bolivia is supposed to already be socialist what will be the excuse this time? That it was going to become alien? Come on, we are ruled mostly by bankers and all they want is money, how they get it is irrelevant, here before the coup we had less than 50% poverty, today it is at about 70%, and we are increasing military spending at a huge yearly rate. For education, health and welfare programs 0 growth.

So, yes it is the elites who are behind all of these riots even the ones that supposedly come from the left, you see any damage done to property can be blamed on socialism which is a win win for them. Here we had a fire set at the US embassy by masked rioters, who used the only day in a decade when the US embassy had no security personnel, kind of makes you wonder.

I find people hate communism and they hate socialism, when I ask them why it is because socialism will take their properties away, now this is quite a naive answer, so they are going to take some property away from you to give it to someone else? No I think the problem for the elites is a little few things with socialism that could screw them and I think I have found them.

Socialism empowers labor unions, this is bad for owners, it keeps public property, the elites can't use water that belongs to native populations, it aims for higher taxes the higher your income. These three things are what put socialism off for the elites it hurts them so of course there is a huge campaign against it, because apart from these three things socialism is the same shit as any other political system.

As for Evo, I am sorry for the people of Bolivia who will see very difficult times ahead, I am not sorry for Evo, he made the mistake of trying to stay too long which seems is the worst human trait greed and megalomania, they think only they can do things and are like destined to rule for as long as they can. This is what happens with most heads of state, if you think it through after all the shit Trump has gone through would you give that presidency another shot?

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