Today Was Not That Great

26일 전


So what do we talk about now, I think the Steem Fest activity is about over, all that is left are a few photos that will be appearing over the next few days. What happened at the Fest pertaining to the future of Steem has already been more than talked about.

So what about the decline in crypto prices, that too is old news it seems nothing is getting them out of the rut they are in right now, Steem is actually outperforming Bitcoin bit it still is in the $0.14 bracket so nothing to get excited about.

At least it seems there are still a few regional Steem meetings to be held for what remains of the year, I go to none but if I could the only ones I would go to would be in the tropics or maybe Australia or New Zealand I have at last understood that my minimum temperature limit is 60 degrees Fahrenheit anything below that might as well be freezing. Last night it went down to 68 and I was feeling really cold. Lucky that climate warming thing is going on or else I don't know where I would be.

As for news, well for a change a Panamanian flagged vessel with ten crew members all of them from Honduras was caught with 3,000 kilos of cocaine stowed on board, how they got there nobody knows. Funny because all authorities I hear say drug trafficking numbers have gone way down. If these three thousand were confiscated thirty thousand must have gotten to the US through some other way, that is the way things work.

Then we have riots all over the world, again old news there are riots every day, anti fascist riots, freedom riots, anti socialist riots, anti right wing riots and in all of them the police beat up and gas people, I wonder who pays these fuckers the people or the elites? It is funny the police and the military have no ideology only money these guys are really mercenaries.

But the problem is that these riots each represent something different and just to give you some perspective, in Venezuela when riots happen the press around here says it is freedom fighters protesting against an inhuman dictatorship, when they happen here it is Venezuelan financed bums and agitators whose sole motive is to unstabilize the country. I bet the Venezuelan press auspiced by the government says exactly the same thing except with the actors reversed.

So yes this is just another day of every day people getting fucked by bankers, elites and politicians and of course thier enforcers the police and the military.

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