Steem astrology - horoscope of publications for tomorrow 26.04

3년 전

Thursday, 11/12 day of the Lunar calendar (GMT +3, from 8 am).

In the morning, finish and publish Your unfinished articles.

Favorable will be transactions with a purse - withdrawal to fiat, or reverse action.

On the subject of articles - you can slow down the pace of the previous day, the reader will be more inclined to see light, non-straining publications.

It's also a good idea to give in to intuition - remember, with what thoughts you woke up, what you occupy at the moment.

Do not trust the feelings? - do not worry - refer to the work of the previous three days - see the sections Votes current / popular - which were successful publications of other authors.

By the way, about this - take into account the publications in your news feed - be generous with comments, thank the authors of the articles you like, or at least vote for them.

What else?

Cooking, repair, agriculture, flowers.

From the board of the flying saucer, Navigator Gray.

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I think it's a new approach here in steemit..go ahead!!


Thank You for answer!

As i see, its a new approach in astrology.

I believe that this topic will be successful!

Now the forecasts will be published regularly.