The Dead Body of Arvin Rommel, Desert Fox, 1944

3년 전

Rommel, a German military commander, was nicknamed the Desert Fox, where he was considered one of the best leaders in the desert wars. He was famous in 1941 after being assigned to support Italian forces in North Africa, where he achieved his strongest and greatest victories. His news were delivered to Hitler in Germany he ordered the promotion of Rommel to the rank of "Mushir".

Rommel preferred to remain as a field commander on the battlefield for a post of chief of staff, and indeed he led the German forces in North Africa.

After his return to Germany, he was arrested on charges of plotting against the life of Hitler on July 20, 1944, where the Nazi leader made him to choose whatever, to take the venom secretly to retain his military honor or to appear before the People's Court for treason. He chose the first and committed suicide on 14 October 1944 by swallowing a poisonous cyanide. He had told his wife and son about this.

Many people thought he had died of a heart attack. The real reason was known only after the defeat of Germany and the death of Hitler


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