The story of a man who lived in the cellar 37 years

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In 1964 three thieves attacked the house of Carl Locke, who was alerted to their presence, killing them all with his automatic rifle.

From the beginning, the case was in favor of Locke being in a position of self-defense. But it turned out that the three thieves were brothers and were in constant conflict with Locke. The prosecution accused him of plotting the crime by inviting the three brothers to his house and then killing them due to theft.

And when Locke realized That the situation turns against him, he disappeared completely from sight and all attempts to find him failed, but, you know where he disappeared !!? In the same house in a cellar not exceeding two meters in one meter. He and his wife agreed to disappear for fear of execution. They also agreed to hide their secret from their young children for fear of leaking the news to neighbors.

But the wife died several months later in a sudden incident as the boys grew up believing their father had died long ago. Thus Locke lived in the tomb he had chosen for thirty-seven years. The house was later inhabited by three families, none of whom felt  the precence of Locke.

He would sneak out for food and drink and then quietly return to the cellar door. But Locke was asthmatic by the dust and debris and was constantly coughing. One night the new boss heard a subdued cough from the ground and summoned the police. When the police came, they followed the sound until they found it. he told them who he was and what was the secret of his disappearance 37 years ago.

Here was the great surprise:

The officer said to him - Oh God, do not you know what happened after your disappearance !!? Locke: No ... What happened? The officer: The mother of thieves admitted that her children planned to steal your house. The judge immediately ruled your innocence but everyone thought you were dead. You lost 37 years of your life.

the message of this story is " Do not waste your life because of the folly you did not commit"


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هي فتحت منهم شوية بس هصدقك


هههه معلش عديها المرة دي

  ·  3년 전

Is there a lesson to be learned here? Lol How about, assume responsibility for the best results.😆

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