My Scar -- I Conquered

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I can I stand this strong, because I bent for a long time ,
I can voice out and speak like a chatter box because I was dumb for ages,
I can hear even the words they don't speak because I was deaf for so long,
The reason I can now I smile is because I frowned for a better part of my life,
The Reason I can scream yes, is because I never had a choice to even say no,
The reason I see beyond the normal is because I was blind for what seemed like a thousand years,
Before this heart warming laughter was a drum of tears that got filled by an everyday drizzle from from my dim eyes,
Before this overwhelming Joy was a deadly consuming sadness that pierced even the invisible organs of my body,
Before this indescribable strength was weakness that dragged me on the floor like a goat about to be slaughtered..
Behind my little existence is a past that almost tore me apart but mercy said No. Now my present has a Beautiful SCAR to display, because of that past I was able to CONQUER

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