An eruption in Hawaii. Is it okay?

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For most people, Hawaiian Islands are associated with dances and songs with Hawaiian guitars, which are called ukulele.
But today the Hawaiians are not happy. On may 3, another eruption of Kilauea volcano began.

photo taken here

This volcano is one of the most active in the world and its eruptions have long become a common phenomenon. But this time the consequences are quite alarming. Recorded about 17 cracking, which is splashing lava. About 2 thousand people were evacuated. There is a danger of complete disappearance of the island.
And it could very well be. Such cases have already been in history. We can recall the eruption of the volcano Krakatoa in 1883, which led to the disappearance of most of the island of the same name.
In response to these concerns, a red alert has been declared on the island of Hawaii. The authorities are ready for a full evacuation of residents.
Another disturbing fact is that the island of Hawaii to be on the side of the United States, where the Yellowstone cue super volcano. The underground seismic activity has long been recorded in the reserve at the location of this volcano. And if there is a powerful explosion in Hawaii, like the eruption of Krakatoa volcano, it can be detonated, which can lead to the eruption of a super volcano. It will be a disaster capable of destroying life on our planet.
In principle, people cannot change anything in this situation. We can just watch and wait for it to end. This proves once again that humanity often forgets its place on this planet. No matter how much we boast of technical and military achievements, the eruption of several volcanoes and we just demolish the lava.
And the planet will breathe freely.

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