ICO-how many in this expectations. A few words about personal participation.

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The number of cryptocurrencies is growing at an increasing rate. It is no longer possible to keep track of new names. There are constantly projects that claim that they came to conquer the world market of crypto-currencies and the one who will have time to invest in this project with real money will receive fabulous profits in the future. Examples are given when a certain crypt crawled long along the bottom, and then there was a rise. And we need to have time to invest today. That would in a year not to bite elbows. Looking at the growth chart of this crypt. To what extent is this true?

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It seems that soon the abbreviation ICO will be known even to children. But what is this investment? How profitable is it?
I can say that in my personal experience of trying to participate in the three primary coin offerings (this is translated into Russian what is hidden under these three letters), the profitability is zero. It is very important to catch the moment of the crypto-currency entering the market and, if you are lucky, sell it more expensive than the purchase price.
I was unlucky. For sale, one I missed, and then she quickly disappeared from the stock exchange and, it seems, is unlikely to appear. My losses amounted to 500 GBG.
The other crypt is a bit more complicated. Spent about 0.01 BTC. Then safely lost the password from the wallet. I know that at the beginning of sales the price of the coin fell twice. I don't know how much it costs now. But the news does not come to the post office long ago. Apparently, too, quietly hunched over.
My third investment was relatively successful. I was able to get my investment back. About 500 American dollars. More precisely, a little less, but I am happy with this result.
Maybe I'm just unlucky and not versed in ICO. But looking how to get real money seasoned kleptomane, I think it's not luck.
Just now it has become a fashionable way of honest weaning of money from citizens. Moreover, these same citizens, cursing the MMM, with pleasure go to pay my savings, in fact, the same projects.
I do not consider the cryptocurrency market to be a pyramid. It's complicated. But seeing as the projects settle and the founders disappear from sight, I, for some reason, remember Mavrodi, who died in complete poverty at the bus stop.
Maybe looking at how rich benders from the crypto market are, you should not compare them with him? Mavrodi is very far from them.
Based on all the above, I made one conclusion for myself: ICO is a lottery and I should not participate in it, since I have never won in the lotteries, seriously.
Well, let others decide for themselves, because for their money we are responsible for themselves.

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