Learn to live in your pleasure.

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In our life, everything is not always good. Regardless of our wealth, position and location. It is impossible to live every day in a good state as you do not aspire to it.
We are often advised to avoid trouble, try not to get into difficult situations, but it is not possible. It is impossible to accurately predict the consequences of their actions, because at the time of Commission, they seem quite thoughtful and adequate. We are always told that if we do not want to be deceived, we should not trust anyone. But to live surrounded by people, if at all to see only cheaters willing to Rob you?
The best way not to fall for the deception of other people is to go to live in the deep forest as a hermit. Personally, I'm not afraid of this life. Perhaps my last marriage has just prevented the realization of this is my being.
But once we have to live in a society of their own kind, to avoid cheating is almost impossible. For the declared strategy of the 90-ies just makes you live by the law of the jungle. Then all said, that man man-wolf. If you don't eat, they'll eat you. Eat others and enrich yourself. It is not strange that this slogan was picked up by many and today's young generation is grown on such principles. Therefore, even a cute smiling person can pose a threat, at least your nerves. How, then, to avoid trouble? How to protect yourself from negativity?
The main thing is to extinguish aggression in yourself.

It is important to learn not to rush at anyone with fists or swearing. It will only aggravate the situation and will not help your nerves. Avoiding conflicts is not always possible, but to be able to stay restrained – it is very important.
Just teach yourself to calmly say " no " tempting offers, promising you a huge profit. Of course, it may be that the profit was, but more likely that it will not. You will invest a large amount of money and just lose if you don't still have to. Don't fall for the proverb: "Risk is a noble cause". Risk is an adventure, sometimes with a sad outcome. Here it is necessary to make a choice :" I did not risk – and sleep well. I decided to take a chance-then a few months or years can not sleep."
But it is not only a fraud that can get on your nerves. Often, simply entering into a dispute, we harm ourselves. In the course of the dispute, starting to burn, we introduce ourselves in stress, trying to prove to the opponent that he is wrong. And in advance it is clear that no one can be persuaded. After a long argument, everyone will remain in their opinion. So what's the point of wasting time and nerves on useless attempts to prove that you are more right than your interlocutor?
You can get the negative at all with anyone without arguing and not even be deceived. Your interlocutor can be quite harmless neighbor or just a friend who wants to pour out their problems. Of course, you can feel sorry for the person, listen carefully and cheer up. But you know, now you will become a constant vessel for pouring out your experiences. If you never say the word "no", then you have to constantly receive a portion of the negative at each meeting. Of course, there are people ready to listen to complaints all the time. But I think they just do not listen, but only sympathetically nod their heads, blocking themselves from unnecessary experiences in advance.
And who will sympathize with you? Who will cheer you up in a difficult moment? Only you.
Therefore, it is very important to be able to enjoy your life.

It is important to learn to give yourself joy and pleasure. At any convenient moment, go to relax on the sea or ocean. Or go Hiking in the forest or mountains.
In the end, just eat ice cream or chocolate sitting on a bench in the Park. Please yourself and enjoy life, and the negative will be much less.
Learn how to live your life in your pleasure, that would be in his declining years to remember his life with joy and peace.

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