A Gift.

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I love receiving gifts, who doesn't? As much as I love receiving, I love giving too. That is the beauty of life; it's about giving and receiving. I was surprised to see a friend of mine give my number to a dispatch rider and I got a call that I should come and pick this up. I went downstairs and I received this beauty:


I like thoughtful people, people that are full of surprises because I am that type of person too. You won't see me coming and you just get a surprise from me. I am known as the surprise human because I can pull it out at any time and no one can see it coming.

I am grateful for the gift of amazing friends around me. They make it easier to go through life and that's why I can do the same for them. When you find yourself amazing friends, keep them close.

I didn't expect this. I wasn't even thinking about it and she sent it to my daughter. This makes me happy because of the thought behind it. I can't wait for her wear the shoes. She loves them already. God bless the heart of the giver.

Life is about reaching out. It's not in how expensive the gift is but the thought behind it. Most people won't appreciate things unless those things are expensive. I like simple things. It's my kind of person. Little and simple things appeal to me more.

When last did you receive a gift or give one?


Gingered Up! ❣️

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