Group Report - Hostel


Hi there!

Szonja here, I’m back with my daily report. This is an unusual post from me, because I won’t write about just my work, but I will write about the other group members’, too.

We were continuing our task, which is the modelization of the exterior areas of the youth hostel building.

David did the door and it’s details, the area in front of the door, and the windows’ frame. He made it with boxes and 2D objects.

Szabi did the bench and one part of the building. (Not the yellow wall.) The bench was built by wood, and he made it with brown boxes. The screws were the hardest task, because the bench has a lot of them.

Gábor made the bicycle storage and the front wall. He did the storage by small boxes, and he connected them close to each other. It was a really long work, but he could clone them, so it wasn’t so bad.

The next is Beni, who actually did the yellow wall which you have just seen a few seconds earlier at Gábor’s work. He made it with 2D triangles, and rotated them. I don’t know how to call that complicated model, but he created this with boxes and connected them to each other.

Yesterday, I was doing the nameplate, as you know. Today I had to do the hostel’s logo, but I couldn’t finish it fully.

First, I made the symbol.

Then, I worked again on making letters:

This is how does it look now:

This is what we’ve done in this two days. Tomorrow we will probably continue this. I start to enjoy more than yesterday!


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You are making a fantastic work!

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