Thrift Store Silver & Gold Finds, Part 10

2년 전


Let me start by saying whoever painted all these 1972 Kennedy Half dollar edges grey is a complete asshole. Dozens of times I thought I'd found silver. Not cool asshat. Not cool.

On a lighter note, not a bad day for picking up precious metals for pennies on the dollar. I found a 14K white gold necklace that was labeled "925" for less than $10. That's quite a score!


Sterling Silver: I was able to add 39.79g to the stack. Silver Spot Price: $14.58 oz. Melt value = $18.70


14K Gold: I was able to add 4.63g to the stack. Gold Spot Price: $1249.00 oz. Melt value = $108.46

$127.16 in melt value for the day. Not too shabby... and paid around $21 bucks for it. I'll probably sell the 14K necklace on my Ebay store for much more than the melt value.

Happy Hunting!


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Holy crap, awesome finds, wish we had places like that in the UK

I'd be melting all that extra stuff down and making bars :)

and to the asshat that painted the coins silver - Not cool

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Decent scores buddy! I always melt my gold jewelry finds. I Probably should look in to reselling it!


I melt the broken stuff, sell the working/vintage stuff and buy more gold than what the original melt was worth.


That's how to win bro! I need to figure out how to sell old jewelry. I've never used eBay before.