Thrift Store Silver & Gold Finds, Part 12. Huge 14K Score!

2년 전


I love it when things are mislabeled ;)

Found these Sterling silver spoons in a plastic bag in Goodwill marked $3.99.


Had a pretty big day for the Sterling hunt. 221g unprocessed.


I pulled out a few items that I'll be reselling on my Ebay. If you're interested, I take Steem, SBD & EOS as well. The necklace on top is from Tiffany & Co.


The large gold chain you see in the middle was listed as"925" but under a keen eye, it says "585" which is 14K. Those vintage 14k/pearl earrings are very old and will fetch quite the premium.



This was an interesting find. It's unmarked but passed the 10K gold test. I'm going to get a second opinion on it.


Look at this big boy. It's marked "14k" and "925" and upon closer inspection has a thing 14k gold chain wrapped around a very heavy & thick sterling rope. I had to destroy it to separate the metals, which I probably shouldn't have done.



Last but certainly not least is the gold filled items.


Not too shabby for a few hours of browsing thrift stores ;) Speaking of... @brandyb and I have some big news coming up for our thrifting and reselling business. We're combining forces and heading back on the road. Stay tuned!

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That’s awesome! What do you estimate the USD value to be and what did you pay for all that? Also, what’s the 10k test that you mentioned?

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10k acid test on rubbing stone. I paid around $60 for everything.

Nice haul! Gotta like mis marked gold!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold