How Much More Self Hate and Self Inflicted Degradation can White Europeans Take Before They Sink into the Hole Not of Their Making?


Europe once a great Christian nation that brought so many ingenious inventions to the world, making it the place that it is today has fallen into its own footprint ! With controlled social degradation,white guilt and self hate being common place in most indivisuals through media and edicative brainwashing over the period of decades ! The breakup of the family unit has also played a significant role in this social self destruction of the West with most children now living in single parent homes ! As men and women are now tempted into multiple sexual relationships where promiscuity and decadence is the norm where even women themselves now compete with men as sexual predators with little meaning or sense to their life choices or reason !

If this was not bad enough, our society has never been so divided, whether it be through politics, religion, our geographical home, social class or merlry the colour of our skin ! In short things do not go well for our " modern " Western society which does seem to be irrevocably broken and lost to the "pandora,s box " of choice and possibility whcih the internet and the new information age society affords to it !

But as out own society implodes into itself with its belief and vision of future being brought into question, it is at the same time now exposed to a people that themselves have a very strong sense of self identity, religious practice and a family unit held together with fear, whips and even if necessary, the threat of stoning ! So as our society impodes another more stoic, conservative and dominant one takes over ! Is it the end of the White Christian society where our once thriving populations, are to be replaced and removed from their dominance of their own lands from which they once ruled the world ?? I guess Time and Destiny will tell the answer to this ! Either way we clearly enter extremely Dark times where nothing for us is sure or guaranteed as before with huge human upheavels coming down the pipleine !

My two films illustrate I think the points I try to make to you today in my post, please take te time to watch and hear their message and warning !

How Boomers Were Taught to Hate (Themselves)

Black Pilled
Published on 22 Aug 2018

The Transitional Nature of ABSOLUTISM

Black Pigeon Speaks
Published on 29 Aug 2018


Your thoughts and reactions to my post, as ever much appreciated in the comment section below !



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Very good post, sir!

Is it the end of the White Christian society where our once thriving populations, are to be replaced and removed from their dominance of their own lands from which they once ruled the world

While I understand exactly what you are saying, I think (hope) you are wrong.

For two reasons.

  1. Genetic self preservation. When the white male's 'collective unconscious' reaches critical mass, things will change - rapidly.

  2. IQ will triumph over lower IQ. It just needs to be focused in the right direction.
    (see point 1)


I truly needed an injection of postive nature and you commnet is just that , thanks to you @lucylin )) ! I agree with everything you say and frankly once must wonder how it ever came to this ! But clerly the flouridification of our water supply, poisoning of our food along with our minds through the gradual slip into the dark mud of deparavity has taken its toll on us in the West ! But you are right and there will be a breaking point I feel, as you point out and I think we are just so close to that, when it begins there will be nothing to do to stop it !

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  ·  작년

whites should tattoo themselves black and stop offending PEOPLE OF COLOR...


😂 😂 😂


Oh Lord truly diusturbing to me this image !! what the f..k !!! Is this the face of Modern Man ??

  ·  작년

that english guy spent two years tattooing and piercing himself to achieve his cutting edge look!


Wel @frotl for me he is a walking nightmare, but then I am sure there are many more informed people out there than me that would surely disagree with arguing that its body art and an interesting personal statement !

I was thinking this morning about how they make lists of all the things that women or black people or the Chinese or Arabs invented, because white men invented everything else!


You alwqys have a provocative turn of phrase @funbobby51 )


thanks, I am sure you will get a kick out of this

Thats cultural as well as emotional destruction i feel.