I just don't care about birthdays anymore

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Birthdays haven't really been something I look forward to for quite some time now. The last time I think I cared about my birthday was probably my 35th and I don't remember why that is. I owned a bar back in those days and it was an excuse to invite the entire town over so that my birthday gift would be that my bar made a ton of money. It was a little sneaky on my part but to be fair we did give away a bunch of food and cake.


My birthday was in the past few days and I honestly forgot until I turned on my computer and has a bunch of FB messages letting me know "HBD" and the like. None of these people actually know it is my birthday, FB knows and it tells them. For several years I changed my birthday to the wrong day on FB just to see how many people would believe it and almost everyone did. It was a little disappointing that one of the people who wished me happy birthday on the wrong day was my own mother.

I forgave her for it.

Well once you get past a certain age and are not a child anymore I think that mostly birthdays lose a lot of steam. I think this is even moreso if you happen to live in a city that is currently undergoing lockdown provisions for Covid-19. I couldn't go to a nice beachfront bar if I wanted to, they are all shut.


It was kind of nice that the owner of my condo building came by and gave me a cake. She also brought by a bunch of the people that live in the building and sang Happy Birthday. I honestly could have done without that and Nadi was not a fan either. She barked at them and wanted them to go away. Honestly, I was standing awkwardly at my door after getting the cake, thanked everyone and then just really wanted them to leave. My condo is small and I don't really keep it super tidy so I couldn't invite them in. I hate surprises but i do love cheesecake... So i guess you have to take one with the other.

I kind of wish that they hadn't invited all the other people in the building because now I am going to feel obligated to do the same thing and I don't want to. It's a circle of gift-giving that I left many years ago and don't care to get re-involved in.

Later I went to a friend's rooftop area and drank some beer so now here we are, the day after my birthday and I am hungover and hungry - just like every birthday year. I think the best I have ever felt on the day after a birthday was one year when I was quite sick and therefore didn't drink or have a party at all. I didn't even leave the house. The following day I was done with the sickness for the most part and felt great!

I wonder what year it is that most people stop caring about birthdays? I would imagine it is probably 30. Even though my 30's and 40's were much better than my 20's as far as overall happiness is concerned, I don't think I ever looked forward to a birthday after 30. 40 was ok and the party was huge and I called it my "halfway to dead" party and a ton of people turned up and spent money at my bar.

So how about you? Do you have parties on your birthday?

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Well, Happy Belated Birthday to you @gooddream!

That said, I am with you in the sense that birthdays have just never been a big deal to me. I just turned 60 on August 30th, and even though it was one of those "round" numbers, it still didn't feel like much of a big deal. And with the whole Covid thing going on, nothing much happened... my wife and I went on a day trip to a small town we like, ate lunch there, and came home.

Most of the time in my past when there were parties, it always felt like they were there for the benefit and amusement of other people, more than for myself. I pretty much still feel that way.


I like the sound of your 60th party. Mine was just some friends on a rooftop drinking beers, then i came home and cooked probably the best steak I have ever made for myself in my life.

There are certain people out there that relish the attention of it being their birthday and maybe at some point I was that guy. These days, I don't really even want people to know. Of course i get the dozens of FB HBD messages, but a lot of those people I can't even recall who they are and they are only doing it because the system told them to.

We're all friggin robots, aren't we?

shall I or shall I not wish you happy birthday buddy? :)