Parents Listen! The best Gift You Can Give Your Child is a HEALTHY SELF-ESTEEM

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Whenever, I hear of a mass shooting story, all that comes to my mind is a child with a low self-esteemperpetrating acts that would make him seem relevant- good or bad, nonetheless, so far it's on the news. My respect to the dead
Nothing justifies the killing of any individual by another, except in self-defense. However, parental supervision would surely have played a huge role in the young man's life. According to statistics, most crimes against humanity, have been committed by individuals that had a 'shaky' family backgrounds. Maladjustment, is just a by-product!

Nothing helps straighten a young man's life like a strict and loving hand of a father, and the instructive and corrective love of the mother.

In the turn of the last century, especially in the last 50 years, family values have really fallen. The sanctity of marriage and it's vows have surely seen better days and at this point in human civilization, any form of disparity in views can be reason enough for divorce...siting irreconcilable differences. Leaving their children -the result(s) of their union- torn and distraught.

The family is designed to cater to the mental and emotional needs of a child. A child needs a balance of both worlds(love from the father and mother). A family unit, is sincerely incomplete without these factors.

Words of Affirmation from a father may have gone a long way to save that young lady from swinging from one abusive relationship to the other...tagging along with people that reside at the cesspool of life, yet she hung on because her abuser always had this few words,"I love you" behind his lips, even while violating her . For her drugs, were a mere escape. Without knowing it, she was looking for what daddy couldn't give her...She was never taught not to seek validation except from within.

When parents fail at intentionally building a child self-image through words of praise affirmation and even seemingly unnecessary things like hugs and wanting hear them air their views; their child's self esteem is battered. Without even knowing it, they begin to develop resentment abut their looks, kind of clothes, hair, height or maybe skin color. In trying to gain acceptance in the eyes of the public, take drastic measures -that may be regretted later on.

When such a child does not gain the anticipated acceptance, he or she drowns even more in a low self-esteem and will be on a path of self-destruct. Suicide is one of the lowest results of a low self-esteem. A bully is simply and individual with a low self-esteem; seeking to take others down his path of perpetual sadness. Indeed a mass shooter, is a glorified bully.

Low self-esteem are meant to be detected by both parents and worked against, if your child must impact his world for the better...

Do this and thank me later!

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This article is great, i dont have kids but i experienced this as a child unfortunatley. A good topic to bring awareness to! Well done!


@seventh-pencil ....thanks a lot.Unfortunate, you suffered this. However, your sharing your experience could help someone.

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Have kids myself and I can see a huge difference in a kid when their parents are active in their life and interests. Body language is the first sign I notice, they carry themselves with confidence and will look you in the eye when talking to you. Great job on your article! - @od1nn


@od1nn ...thanks a lot

Great post you have here @greatestman


@cherylsonty ..thanks a lot. I hope to post better in the future