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One of the greatest signs of a healthy self-esteem is your ability to make decisions and stick reasonably to it!
"NO", means several things in different contexts. However, NO is generally known as a word that shows strong disapproval.

A NO, could be your saving grace from that abusive individual that wanted a relationship with you.

NO, could be the difference between you and a bad business move.

A NO, could be the difference between life and death.

Always learn to say NO, without feeling like you're hurting anyone or feeling obligated to say otherwise. Once decision-making is involved and you do not feel good about it; as it especially involves you, please feel free to speak up on your reservation.

A lot of individuals, have being dragged into contracts, agreements and alliances they were never keen on, owing to their ability to say NO -where necessary.

In summary, there's no gainsaying, men-pleasers, hardly please themselves. Learn to always factor your peace of mind while making decisions and you'll be the better for it!


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Yeah i totally agree with you. I still remember when i couldn't just say the word to someone. But alot have changed since then. Now i can comfortably say no. Not to anyone actually. But there is a big difference between now and then.

Good post my friend, really helped me a lot, I like helping people when I can but when I'm not able to do it I feel like.. I am a bad person, but now I can say "no" with no problem, u deserve my vote!

I struggle with NO when it comes to my children. Thank you for a strong opinion which gave me something to think about. Valued your ideas.


lol.. that's understandable..However, a firm but loving stance is mostly needed when raising kids..Thanks a lot for taking your time to read this.