Bow down to the feline empire!

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So...there comes a point in every cat owners life when they find out that they do not own their cats.

Their cats own them.

They simply tolerate your presence and allow you to serve them tasty treats.

House cats have got it made, they get to lay about all day seeing and playing and running around as they please.

Your servants bring you all of the toys you could possibly want.

I guess I'd get pretty bored with that life though 😂

No wonder the cat is always being to escape to the outdoors.

Granted, he had no survival skills. He probably wouldn't last a week out there without care.

Today, I had to build a monument to appease Baron von whiskers and spare our kingdom from his tyranny just a little while longer.

Our master now can oversee us all to make sure that everyone is falling in line. There can be no rebellions against the cat empire.

All must fall in line

All must obey.

All must provide tasty fishes.

Or catnip

Or bring the laser - I like that one.

Behold! It's 72 inches of glory!

aww... He playing!

But anyways, I constructed this thing for one of my relatives who purchased it for their benevolent overlord.

I'm not really a cat person... Maybe I don't understand...

But that is a pretty large fixture to get for your little fuzzy friend.

I mean, honestly the price isn't too bad - I looked it up and this thing was like $70. It's more the size of the thing that gets me. It's roughly the same height as I am, and has a pretty large footprint.

Plus it serves as an excellent place to stage a cat ambush... Though he hasn't had time to figure that out.

It got me thinking about people and their pets, and just the things they will do because of it. I kind of struggle with the idea though, because despite the fact that I love animals (including cats, though I still don't consider myself a cat person) I don't really want to own one.

I just feel like unless they're going to have company or something to do all day... I wouldn't be very happy about it.

I guess if you have a city of pets in your home you have those things... It's kind of just a question of whether or not the space to have is adequate for the amount of animals present.

Meh, this is kind of going into a philosophical post at this point, and I'd rather not go there. It was supposed to be fun and silly 😜

Anyways, I'll cat you later...

Stay meowsome.

- Guurg

P.S. ... MEOW 🐈

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