Dragon Ball Wha??

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... AAAnd Back with more Wacky Bootlegs I dug up for ya. Today we've got some DBZ (or something like that) figurines which are clearly of very high quality and 100% legitimate -- as always.

I've been in this store several times, and someone recently brought up to me that supposedly a lot of these types of stores are actually just money laundering fronts. I have no idea if that is true, but they certainly have a lot of goods there are questionable.

Then again, there are always a bunch of people in that store.

So what do I know. Maybe they're like me and they come to gawk at the bootlegs and then buy some tea or something (which I have done there, admittedly).

They had some tasty looking genmaicha.

I don't think you can bootleg genmaicha...


Aanyways, first thing I saw here was this reasonably large SSG Goku...


I'm not sure what expression they were going for with this one, but I think they might have missed the mark...

Just a little bit.

I mean, that's the kind of look that screams "Ah crap! Did I spill soy sauce or something on my patch?"


"does anyone else smell that?"

I don't know. I might need to workshop my oneliners for this one.

Next we've got ... this...


I'm not even entirely sure who this is supposed to be... Maybe Vegeta?

Either way it is poorly sculpted and has a base that says "AF" which is actually the fanart section of DB that would have taken place after GT (you know, if it wasn't just fanart).

They did super saiyajin blue, so I guess this is kind of close. You could call it super saiyajin teal or supersaiyajin BS. Either one.

Or you could call it nothing.

Then we've got the big bad from DBGT (Syn Shenron)


This one is kind of interesting, because it's actually not all that terrible of a figure.

It's not great... but it's not terrible.

Aaaaand it's on a stand that says DB Kai.

I'm quite certain from this spread that they do not have a single legitimate piece of merchandise in this store.

Doesn't someone police IP stuff at some point? Does that exist?...

And last up is this...


So here we can find several iconic characters... including kuririn, ssg goku again staring off into space - as he is wont to do, sunbleached kuririn (guess he didn't sell for QUITE some time), and then...


...What am I looking at?


Dear god...

This thing haunts me.

I was probably actually trying to take a photo specifically of this carbon black-skinned gotenks, but I guess I had forgotten completely about it.

I went back to edit this picture and saw it HAUNTING me from the background of this picture and I thought perhaps that this was it.

It was my time.

The bootlegs had gotten so bad that they'd possessed my devices and were going to eat my very soul.

This thing will HAUNT my dreams tonight - and if somehow I make it through the night to survive another day unscathed...


I will change my ways

and stop photographing horrible bootlegs
but probably not 🤣

Thanks for putting up with me!

- Guurg

external link
all photos taken by me with a phone. No bootlegs were made by me.

P.S. You are all very Dee-heee-hee-cent

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