My 3 Weeks Report at Global School by Doma

2년 전

Hello, it’s me Doma. This is my three weeks report. When I came to Vienna I was afraid what I should do. But then the work started and I met the other Hungarian group which decreased the fears. In one week I learned 3D modelling. My first thought was Jesus it is so hard and difficult, but actually the 3D modelling is not so difficult, it requires a lot of patience with yourself. It’s a wonderful medium, some objects need so much time and some others don’t. Then I met my mentor Jean (@jnmarteau), and he is so cool and helpful, Manuel (@gexi) and Christoph (@manncpt) too.

My first 3D modelling job is a floor. This isn’t easy, because I wanted to move the floor and I couldn’t. The floor is a 400-600 objects and boxes and if I start to group it is taking so much time, but then I thought lets re do this. I started the floor again, so this is my 5th work day. In my first week, I learned so much things and I want to say thanks to Norbi from the previous group for supporting me, he has been a very good team leader!


My second job is a wall (No I’m not Trump hahaha) that wall is easier than the floor and now I did it all.


When I finished with a wall and the grouping of the floor I’m worked out the details, and then helped who needed to finish with their work.


I did another wall, because we did not realize another building was connected to the hostel, and we must create this building too. That wall was very easy because I have a base from another wall. The windows and the wall is my work but it was mostly about scaling and editing.


Then the last week Jean told us we could work on our own project. I think this is so fun and I created a real old Russian car one Lada. I had so much work with this car. Me and Adam made the car and Adam did the wheel he sent to me and the seat too.


When I finished with the car and I didn’t have any task, I went to help Akos and Daniel in HTML. I don’t know how it works but they help me and I understand now what they do.


So this three weeks were so cool, Vienna is a really good and beautiful city, also the people are very friendly. If you can afford it you need to come here. The job is good. Jean is a so good leader, and so friendly, Manuel too and you’ll learn a lot. I really liked this three weeks, if you can come here with Austraining or an Erasums+ Program like that or by yourself, do it and dont waste your time with futility.That’s my image. Thanks. Goodbye have a nice day. I hope u enjoyed my reporting! Seeya.

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Thank you for your amazing contributions! :)

Thank you for coming to Vienna contributing to the @globalschool! :)

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