The new generation is going down

in life

It is very sad to see the world we live in. A generation that is growing up with low self esteem and more depression. The generation of Instagram, Facebook and the mobile phones. Everybody is trying to show that life is amazing while the most people are depressed. Nobody to talk with and nobody is there to help. Social media became so addictive even for young kids. It isnt their fault, but bad parenting. It is a real addiction like drugs or alcohol, but we dont see it that way.

The most kids dont learn the basic skills anymore. They dont know how to build relationships or make friends. On social media everything looks simple, but in real life things dont work that way.It isnt just about kids! Even us adults. You know when you go out with your friends for dinner, but nobody has something to talk about. When everybody is busy talking to people on Facebook or other social medias, that arent sitting there with you on the table. When you finally think! Why did I came to have dinner with those guys :( Life isnt the same like the nice golden age that we left behind!


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Totally agree I even see the older generation falling into this way of life.

Sad but true. We really were the last generation lucky enough to grow up in a time when people talked more with each other because they had no distracting technology. 😊


Yes! Remember the nice letters we wrote full of colors and hearts :D


Now they look like worms. 😂


Unfortunately :(

Yeah I feel like that

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