Happy Money Man Vs Elon Musk

3년 전

Are you living in a simulation? Is AI going to crush you?
Let's do a quick thought experiment.

Step into my holodeck. It's call the Happy Lab.
This is fun my Steem friends. Join along and share an idea.

Elon says we're in a simulation.
Why be worried about being taken over by machines if we are already in a simulation?
If we're in a simulation then machines took over long ago.

Elon, there's no point in worrying when we don't need to.

PS. Please give your thoughts on this video style. I'd tried something different.

Cheers my Steem friends.
Much Love, Happy Money Man

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Earth is flat and facebook is a centralized company that everyone should stop using.


I hit you with a strong upvote for that quality take. Haha.
Cheers. Thanks for watching.

Guess that depends wether one defines 'simulation' as technical in nature, or as "being" for lack of a better term.
Nevertheless, it is a nice hack for not worrying too much about potential dystopias, if one has enough unique evidence for life on Earth already being "multidimensional", to use a somewhat dated model.

I see these views do not get much sincere attention in the general discourse, so your video will be helpful in that regard.


ahhhh nice point. Simulation doesn't have to be mechanical. That leaves room for both to be true.

If we think about our concept of time things change. Non linear time leaves space for all we know to be like some kind of simulation. Or alternate dimensions also have the same effect.
That's probably more along the lines of what he meant as simulation. It's just an alternate reality taking place in our heads

That's nice and I think I need to check the video again... Thanks for sharing friend!



Thanks for watching. Steem to space. Haha

Cool background! Good job! Not sure I get the Musk/matrix simulation thing..but if its a simulation our opinions on it wouldn't matter anyway..would they? Not sure if they do either way now that I think about it! :)


Haha true. Our opinions on this stuff doesn't matter much at all.
I prefer to enjoy the moment as much as possible and be on with my day.
Have a good one @scalerman.

Awesome video! I like the new creative look, fun! Good point with your argument as well.


Thanks, it's just an interesting thought. Why be worried about being taken over by machines if we are already in a simulation. If we are in a simulation then machines took over long ago.
Elon, there's no point in worrying when we don't need to.

Another great post from @happymoneyman
My dear friend @happymoneyman
Keep it up post...I'm awaiting your next valuble post...thanks...


Awesome. Thanks so much for watching. Have a great day.

Good video.Thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much for your resteem. I really appreciate it.

AI is the next big thing for sure.


Thanks for watching @blazing. Have a great day.


i've watch one of your ytbe video on steemit it helps thanks


Thank you my precious little goat friend.

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Stay swimmin' my friend.

very interesting comment, being that most of his "workers" in Reno are robots. SCM

You are awesome sir always come with interesting idea and topics . I think blockchain is the future and it is just the beginning.
All the best lots of love and support

Donald Trump said HELLO to the world.

Hi HMM, big fan from youtube. I am a content creator myself and just wrote a post about Zuckerberg's and Facebook's new entry into blockchain. I wonder if you have any thoughts, do you think that both AI and blockchain could degenerate in the hands of Zuckerberg? Thanks!


Hey interesting thought. I was just talking about that today, but I haven't looked into FB and blockchain at all.

What I said today was, "if FB comes out with a coin, I'm buying it bc those weirdos are trying to take over the world"

Now, that was just me talking to a friend. Not my professional opinion.
I'd have to do more research for a good answer.

I feel like Facebook has a ton of influence and eyeballs, so anything they do will have a good chance at adoption. The main issue they'll run into is trust. Millenials already dislike facebook in general and I don't see them gaining that trust back.

My opinion off the cuff is that, facebook will slowly lose it's influence, but will remain in the game long term. Maybe something like we saw from Hewlett Packard.